Welcoming Creative Release: An Introduction

Welcoming Creative Release
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It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon the day Tara and I began discussing the new generation of Scoutie Girl. I remember everything about that day, because that conversation itself provided a shift in my universe, magnifying all the details surrounding me.

That day, as we ended our conversation, I immediately began jotting down notes. Ideas, inspiration, where would the future of Scoutie Girl take me – and better yet, where would I take the future of Scoutie Girl? I haven’t stopped jotting notes since.

Since that very day – the day I knew I wanted to help nurture and grow Scoutie Girl – my mind has not shut off once. As someone who typically enjoys a fair amount of rest in the evenings, my time resting – turning my brain off – has grown shorter and my days longer in the past few months. And I’ve welcomed this change with open arms. I have created lists of ideas. I have created lists of lists. I have drawings and plans and written pieces. Anything that has been right in front of me has been drawn on, written all over, and used as inspiration. There are so many possibilities for the future of Scoutie Girl just waiting to be put into action.

I love what I do, but I also know sometimes a change is necessary to spark inner creative thinking. Scoutie Girl did just that for me. When the possibility of taking over Scoutie Girl became my reality, my thought process shifted, opening an entire world of inspiration.

I no longer had a tunnel vision of ideas, but had made way to the bright, open road, wide with possibilities.

Welcoming Creative ReleaseI can’t honestly tell you exactly where the future of Scoutie Girl will lead. I have so many written works and drawings and ideas that the possibilities are endless. I can tell you, however, that I welcome this creative release. I welcome the idea of slowly releasing this creative energy over a period of days, weeks, months, years. I welcome the opportunity to continue providing creative inspiration, reflection, and daily thought to the Scoutie Girl community.

And I truly appreciate each and every one of you – the Scoutie Girl community. Without you, I would not have had the opportunity to nurture this new creative energy.


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