if you can see this post, welcome to the new scoutie girl!

i’ll be spending thanksgiving finishing the tweaking here and i’ll join you here on friday morning for a giveaway, wrap up of great deals for your holiday shopping, and more great indie finds!

{home print by spreadthelove}

11 thoughts on “welcome!

  1. Looks great!! I know you have the “only Tara can do” touches to make, yet, but congratulations on the move over. We will most certainly be doing this for The Fabric Shopper after the Holidays are over …. can’t wait!

    Happy Thanksgiving :-)

  2. It looks Fabulous! Love the outline script of your title and “find me”, love the little slivers of larger pictures your using for your contributors and the subscribe button, of course your “champagne…” font is totally awesome, and of course, the white bright minimalist background putting the focus on the content is near and dear to my heart! AND, speaking of putting content front and center…I see that is exactly how you’ve designed the site by not having a full blown header across the top. You’re definitely walking the walk when it comes to promoting the indie designers of the world – thank you!

    Ooh! One last thing…love your little favicon too! WooHoo!

    For a job well done, I’m sure you’ll be truly thankful today!

  3. Thank you Candy!!!

    I am thankful!

    And I’m so glad that you can see the favicon – I haven’t been able to see it yet 😉

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. very relieved, jan! thanks for your kind words!! hope you had a fabulous holiday break (or lots & lots of sales making work a bit more fun…!)

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