weekly welcome

buyer's market of american craft

buyer's market of american craft

foundling rings

hi there. welcome back! how was your weekend?

i spent all day on saturday in philly at the buyer’s market of american craft. i was so lucky to be invited as “press” again at this prestigious – and exclusive – event. megan auman, from crafting an mba, walked the floor with me. she had a great perspective since she exhibits at other wholesale shows. she’ll have the show recaps from a biz perspective on her blog – and i’ll show you the passion & pretties!

later this week, i’ll be introducing you to some of the great artists & crafters i met, including betsy from foundling (the necklaces & rings above are hers).

til then, i’m going to leave you in the capable hands of the sg contributors as i continue to catch up on a bit of other work and present at my alma mater on tuesday afternoon. wish me luck!!

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  1. Holy crap, that’s like every Christmas and birthday ever all rolled up into one and made into a place to visit and dream. I am so jealous!

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