weekly welcome :: issue #6 – blogs!

handmade olympics

you might remember that k from rikrak asked me to be the judge of the “favorite handmade blog” event at her inaugural handmade olympics. what an honor!

last week, i had the ridiculously difficult job of narrowing a list of 70+ nominations into a short list of 10 blogs for readers to vote on. how do you judge a blog? pick favorites out a list of blogs you’re not familiar with?


so i whittled it down and found 10 blogs that i felt represented the handmade community well. they were beautiful, inspiring, and full of personality. they inspired you to create more – no matter what your medium is. later today, you’ll be able to see my list and begin voting for your favorites. vote now! throughout this week, i’ll be highlighting each of these fantastic blogs here on scoutie girl.

you’ll also be hearing from others about why they blog and how blogging has influenced the way they think & create.

i’ve also got a super cool related announcement coming later today!

bonhoefferchk on xanga

so to kick things off, i think i’ll tell you why i blog and how it affects my life. i blog to keep my sanity – and to lose it. i blog to build relationships and to advocate for beauty, quality, and a return to viable economy. i also blog because it’s fun, because i can express myself, and because, honestly, i allows me to earn a living doing what i love.

i started blogging in college on xanga (above). remember xanga? i blogged under the name “bonhoefferchk” – coincidentally, that was also my name at match.com! dietrich bonhoeffer, a theologian from the 1930s – a pacifist who was part of an attempt to murder hitler, was my idol my senior year. back then, i blogged a lot about religion, a lack thereof, politics, and consumerism. yeah, i was that kind of kid. still am 😉

now, i hope, my writing is much more measured. balanced. i hope i inform & persuade through example and not by ramming it down your throat.

thank you for giving me this platform – and for helping my platform grow.

enjoy this week celebrating creative blogging!

One thought on “weekly welcome :: issue #6 – blogs!

  1. I love that you talk about blogging as being a part of returning to a viable economy. I’ve never thought of it in that way, but you make a very good point. This is definitely a refreshing perspective! Thank You!

    Jen Kiaba

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