weekly welcome :: issue #3 – i heart you.

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welcome back to another week at scoutie girl! how was your weekend?

mine was lovely. friday afternoon, i closed up the computer, grabbed lola, and headed to the pennsylvania farm show. it’s our state’s version of a state fair featuring tons of great (read: fatty) food, bunches of animals, fun exhibits, and lots of pa-made products of all types. you can read more about my trip and see some photos over here.

the rest of the weekend was mostly spent finishing up some web work and getting ready for this week’s issue: i heart you. this week you’re going to hear some delightfully sappy love stories, check out some snarky valentine’s day cards, see some gift picks for the whole family, and – i’m going to be posting a “dude’s guide to buying handmade.”

speaking of dudes buying handmade, mine just started.

whereas i tend to make decisions about things very quickly and become very passionate about a cause, my husband takes his time. a lot of time. eventually, he comes around to my point of view. ha! okay, most of the time.

well, i spent all of 2009 working towards this full-time blogging thing – and of course, i still am – and all of that time was devoted to this handmade movement. something i’ve identified with all my life, something i re-engaged when i became pregnant in 2007. becoming an etsy devotee was easy.

my husband didn’t get it.

but for christmas, he very proudly searched all over etsy to find me a gift. he picked out a cute owl necklace, a scent locket. he couldn’t even wait until christmas day to give it to me. and then he proudly announced to my mom that next christmas he would shop exclusively on etsy – it’s “pretty cool.”

aw, sometimes you fall in love all over again.

7 thoughts on “weekly welcome :: issue #3 – i heart you.

  1. what a sweet story! my husband hasn’t yet shopped on etsy on his own, but does enjoy looking at stuff with me. he has embraced the handmade at local shops + craft fairs. i hope to get him on etsy as soon as i can!!

  2. aww this story made me smile. It’s so true though, when you purchase a gift from an artisan you feel SO much more excited to give it, to watch the expression on the receiver’s face and to tell the story about how you found this perfect item. Its so much more meaningful.

  3. Sweet story…he’s a keeper!
    Since you’re talking about hearts, I thought I’d pass along this shop. They’ve collected over $3000 since the earthquake. Pretty amazing!

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