weekly welcome :: issue #2 – the whole is greater…

audrey smith - mini collages
mini original collages by audrey smith

collage is:

  • where art meets craft.
  • the ultimate in recycling.
  • simple – no special supplies needed.
  • a safety net for our memories.

it’s no wonder so many of us are mesmerized by collage. cut, arrange, glue, repeat.

for this week’s issue, i not only sought out great collage artists but i tried to understand why we collage, what it represents in our lives, and how we can use collage to further express ourselves craft & art.

while you’re waiting to see this week’s issue unfold, be sure to check out these links for more inspiration!

  • while i was on holiday break, dawn sokol stopped by here to share her experience with art journaling – and she literally wrote the book on it!
  • katherine streeter – a great collage artist herself – has a great article on the storque featuring her favorite collages from all-round etsy.
  • many fine collage artists contribute to the scoutie girl flickr pool – check them out here!

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