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welcome to 2010 and a new concept at scoutie girl. each week, i’ll be exploring a theme from a variety of angles. you’re going to hear stories of inspiration, process, mentorship, and learn more about the people behind the handmade movement and indie culture.

if that’s peaked your interested, i’d encourage you to read two recent posts: one on defining indie craft & design and one explaining this “theme” concept a bit more.

’cause now i’m going to launch right into it!

in the spirit of the new year, for our first “issue,” i’d like to explore the theme that everything old can be made new again. this concept itself is nothing new – but i thought there had to be some great stories behind the crafters, artists, and stylists that live this idea everyday.

looking at your own “everything old…” is a great way of setting some personal or biz goals for the new year, too. you may not have the money or time to go out and learn a new skill or buy brand new supplies. so why not work with what you’ve got? make your own skills new again: innovate.

just this weekend, this idea really hit home with me.

on new years day, my husband took lola to her great-grandmother’s for pork & sauerkraut (never one of my fave meals…) and i got some time to clean and engage in a bit of introspection. one tiny goal for myself & lola this year is to listen to a lot more music and so i turned on the tv and tuned it to the concert channel that we get. first john legend, then jason mraz, and then the killers graced my screen and – for lack of a better term – rocked.it.out. i was really caught up by how the musicians engaged the music – feeling it, performing it, enraptured by it.

drum majori know this feeling. maybe not playing before tens of thousands, but i was a musician for all of high school and was a music major in college. i was a drum major, in all of our jazz bands, played with friends, lead worship at my church & in college chapel. to me, there is no greater rush than allowing every ounce of your being ooze music – to truly perform.

so that’s my “everything old…” that rush, that feeling of performing and truly engaging both the performance and the audience. well, my goal as a blogger this year is going to be to somehow channel that energy into the stories i tell. let others’ stories, words, and creations ooze out of me from every pore. so please enjoy the ride with me!

later today, you’ll hear from becka brittain of bliss in a teacup. continuing on this week, i’ll explore a few of the trends i see in making old things new and you’ll also hear from jena, of modish & miss modish, who is reinventing herself by diving into the old things she loves.

table of contents:
everything old is new again for becka brittain.

5 thoughts on “weekly welcome – issue #1 :: everything old…

  1. Lovely.
    I was also a music major – both of my parents are music professors – and it’s a strange thing to try and see where my music loves and my creative loves overlap in any kind of concrete, descriptive way. People who don’t do these things just think I’m “talented”, but it’s something more complicated than that, I think?

  2. Oh yay, this is great! I love your idea of theme weeks and letting the passion of those you share here “ooze out of you with every pore.” So good. Can’t wait to see how SG develops this year, you’re on a great track!

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