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6 april.  9:30 am
6 april. 9:30 am by ethanollie via the indie fixx gardening flickr group

happy monday – and welcome back to scoutie girl! this week, in collaboration with crafting an mba, we’re going to explore the different aspects of growth: personal, business, creative, literal, figurative… you name it!

i’m going to be back in just a little bit with something i’ve been thinking about lately: growing from single woman to wife to mother and how that growth has shaped me as a woman.

but first, i’d like to know:

how does your garden grow?

i’m planning on getting some seeds and those magical little seed starter pots that expand when you put water on them (i’m sorry, people, i’m lazy!) either today or tomorrow. i’m definitely not looking to do anything extensive because we’ll be moving in a month or two. but i though a nice little pot o’ herbs would be a lovely way to start showing lola how plants work. and probably how plants die.

cause i have that kind of thumb.

so – share you gardening advice, posts, links, and pics in the comments below! talk to you soon!

p.s. have you written your door kicking story yet? when did you decide to kick ass? don’t forget to post your link here.

11 thoughts on “weekly welcome :: how does your garden grow?

  1. I love my potted herbs. They thrive in a sunny window. I live in a big old building and do not have outdoor space to plant, so these work out perfect. Even better when you can snip some herbs off and use them while making dinner!

    The other plant that I keep is some English Ivy from my grandparents house. When they passed away and we sold the house I made sure to pull some out. I see it as a little bit of my heritage that I can take with me and plant one day in my own yard.

  2. Every year I have grand plans for a garden, but every year almost everything dies, except the tomatoes and herbs. My husband says I don’t have a black thumb — he calls me Agent Orange, it’s that bad. But I’m going to try again (and again and again) and one day, I hope, I’ll get something right! Good luck to you — a book/site I’ve found very helpful in fixing some of my mistakes and learning to do things the low-impact/organic way is yougrowgirl.com and her book (same title). In fact, I’m going to dig it out right now, as well as my local extension office website and start planning!

  3. I was just thinking about my very own garden when you posted this. Like Meghan I’ve always had a really hard time growing things. I kill all houseplants and any time I’ve tried to grow herbs they never make it very long. This year though, I really wanted to try to grow some veggies. I used the “magic” seed starter kit to start some tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. A month later and they’re doing great and getting close to being ready to plant outside! Last week I planted some lettuce, arugula, spinach and onion seeds directly into the ground and to my great shock and delight they’re already sprouting in perfect little rows! I couldn’t be more excited! If they actually make it to our plate I’ll be thrilled but I’m having fun trying it out. I’ll second the recommendation of the You Grow Girl books, it’s great. Another good one is Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler. It’s especially great if your space is limited. Good luck Tara!

  4. After living in cities for 20 years, my husband and I moved to a little tiny town and now have a huge backyard. We embraced gardening like never before, although we felt clueless. I bought a bunch of gardening guides, and poured thru them. We have had success and we have had failure. (One failure was me killing off a plant that is basically a no-fail plant. Everyone grows them around here because of how easy they are. Yeah – I killed ours.) We have three vegetable raised beds, pots for herbs, garden beds for flowers, shrubs along side our fences…and plans for much, much more over the years. (I want to do everything now, as the parts of the yard that aren’t done yet look really sad! LOL) Maybe when you move, you’ll get the gardening bug. The easiest thing to grow? Ornamental grasses. Stick one or two in pots outside and pull up some chairs, and you’ll have a mini oasis to enjoy!

  5. I love radishes, they are so easy to grow from seed, take very little work and are extremely hardy. You can get some really colourful varieties and they grow real quick – my favourite type is ‘french breakfast’ – ooooh crunchy and bright red! I usually munch mine straight out of the earth. Have fun with your veg garden! 😉

  6. This weekend we went and bought some of our starts (there are somethings I have a hard time growing from seeds) and the master gardener there said that the two most common mistakes made when vegetable gardening are, 1. not watering enough and 2. not fertilizing enough.

    Most vegetables retain lots of water so in the summer I water at least twice a day and fertilizing once a week is key!

    Here is what we started to do last week in our garden: http://lovenatalie.squarespace.com/love-natalie-blog/2010/4/14/garden-update.html

    Good luck on your herbs!

  7. Haha — I definitely have that kind of thumb too. But, I’m working toward personal growth in that regard.
    In our new apartment (we are moving in T-9 days!) we are blessed with a balcony — and I’m super excited to start a little, potted garden.

  8. You can get great advice on the interwebs about gardening but don’t overlook local (non-chain) nurseries for local advice. What works somewhere else may not work where you are and the locals can save you a lot of time and frustration. When you’re settled in your new place, don’t plant anything until you’ve figured out what areas are sunny, dry, shady, swampy, etc. and then just go ask.

    I have a nursery down the road from me and I ask the ladies there all kinds of random questions. I used to live in a different climate so I freely admit I don’t have a clue about a lot of the plants and I just say, “hey nice plant ladies, I don’t know what this is. What does it like?” Or, “I have a sunny corner under an eave and I want something 4 feet tall and pink.”

    That’s my best advice – find a friendly nursery nearby :)

  9. Best of luck with your gardening ventures Tara! I just recently started a little windowsill garden myself, but of course I had to do something different and try a starter carnivorous plant garden. So I got a little terrarium from thinkgeek.com that now has some sprouting sundews, venus fly-traps and pitcher plants. (The baby fly-traps are really cute!!) Being too impatient to watch those grow from seeds, I had also gotten a grown fly-trap from californiacarnivores.com that I named Chomper, but my black thumb seems to be afflicting him and I’m not sure if he’s gonna make it… =(

    Oh well, every day’s an adventure and an opportunity to learn something new, right? I hope you & little Miss Lola have the same with your new garden!

  10. I’ve just recently started growing veggies from seeds after my recent move to the countryside of West Marin, CA from New York City. Last week I had a total gardening meltdown when I thought I’d allowed all the seeds to die while being plummeted with hail and rain and then baked in the sun. It really felt like a huge failure on my part to not have cared for them more conscientiously. But then just when I thought it was too late little green shoots of different shapes and sizes started to appear in almost every container!
    What a metaphor, I thought, for my life itself and for my art–don’t give up because you never know what’s about to push it’s way to the surface!

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