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closed photograph by shadowplaysnaps
closed photograph by shadowplaysnaps

so what happens when you write two popular friday afternoon posts? you feel a lot of pressure to churn out a third successful friday afternoon post. but, as you may note, this isn’t friday… it’s monday!

yep. i’ve got blogger’s block. which is pretty sad considering i wrote the [e]book on beating blogger’s block. well, this one is totally self-imposed. don’t you hate how sometimes you force yourself to be creative? nothing good can come of it!

so i need your help. here’s what i propose. you ask me a formspring (which has got to be the coolest new social media tool out there!) and i’ll craft a few posts with my answers! and while i do answer blogging & marketing questions over at tg, i’d love for you to ask some random questions that might jog my little creative bloggy brain back in shape!

in other news, last week i told scoutie girl she needed a bath and she came out look at fresh & clean & pretty! if you read sg in a feed reader, you should pop over to the site and take a look at the new fresh look. i’ve also added a few areas to display more content – on the left sidebar, you can see the last post from each of the sg contributors and in the top navigation, you can browse by topic or see my more creative writing.

i hope your monday starts off on the right foot – be back in a bit!

6 thoughts on “weekly welcome :: blogger’s block

  1. I noticed the new look at the end of last week… it looks great!

    I find that sometimes blogger’s/writer’s block can only be properly cured by just taking a little break and getting away from the computer for awhile.

  2. I’m right there with you Tara. Bloggers block all the way. So much even I can’t even ask you a question. I’ll try to think of something today:)

  3. can’t come up with a question.. i am trying.. thinking very hard but nothing comes to mind..
    but i, a blogger who manages to blog once a week and even that is an accomplishment gives kudos to all the other blogger who not only blog everyday but multiple times a day..

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