weekly welcome

color of spring wreath by kaleda
wreath by kaleda – part of etsy’s euro week.

hi friends! how was your weekend?

mine was pretty amazing. first, i’ve been reading all your wonderful comments on friday’s “embracing abundance” post. between actually writing it and digesting all your thoughts, i am SO pumped up myself! i have all sorts of crazy ideas floating around in my head and flowing out through my fingers. i can’t wait to tell you about some of them!

second, i did a blogging workshop on saturday. those always get me pretty pumped up too! do you ever get all excited & loud when you talk about the things you love to do? like stand on a chair and shout excited? okay, well, that’s how my workshops go. i plan the information i want to share and then leave it very open to accepting the direction the participants want to learn & discuss. and then i get more and MORE excited! sometimes, they probably think i’m nuts… but most of the time, they end up getting excited too!

third, it was beautiful in central pennsylvania. which means there was lots of swinging! and i was able to drive to lancaster with the windows open in my car. and when you combine spring with central pennsylvania and windows open, you get a very familiar smell, if you know what i mean! but it’s always welcome. a little.

and before i let the opportunity pass me by, i just want to say thank you. to YOU – yes, you!! so, thanks!

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