we scout wednesdays :: spring!

first tulip of spring

spring has sprung all around! i went on a looooooong walk on monday afternoon and found this tiny crocus poking up through a lot of dead debris on one of the tree-lined streets where i live.

speaking of tree-lined streets… this is what they look like!

tree-lined streets - wyomissing, pa

after a few weeks with my head stuck in code (html, css, php… woah!), i took time last night to take these images from what came out of the camera to what was in my mind’s eye. this is how i see spring where i live. i experimented a bit in the photo editor and played with some textures and different lighting & focus effects. it felt good to be a bit creative.

now i want to know how you see spring!

here’s your homework, go back to you own blog (or flickr stream!) and post about how you see spring. maybe you see spring in your current craft project or in what’s resting on your drawing table right now. maybe you see spring in pictures of family or memories of warmer weather. share whatever your “spring thing” is on your own blog and then come back here and leave a link in the mister linky. oh! and one more thing, link back to this post in your own, please.

if you’ve not used a mister linky before, all you need to do is grab the URL directly to your post (permalink) and then paste it in the from below. have fun blogging!

55 thoughts on “we scout wednesdays :: spring!

  1. hello spring! welcome, welcome!!
    we’ve had some gorgeous spring-like weather lately, here in NC. (it’s been a VERY welcome change from the super-cold, snowy winter.) i added my link above — this is how we’ve been enjoying the spring so far. :)

  2. Well, I actually wrote this post yesterday – but it certainly sums up my thoughts on spring – sunshine and a fresh start in the studio!

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  4. So ready for spring… this change of season feels like no other time of the year! And I love that shot of the tree-lined street – it turned out beautifully.

    1. thanks, cyn! it was too sunny to tell what it was going to look like from the camera viewer so i was so glad to see that it turned out well, too! thanks for sharing your post!

  5. Even though there is still snow outside, in my little studio I’m dreaming of all sorts of flowers: daffodils, water lilies, roses and violets…I can’t wait for Spring to come!

  6. Portland in spring means cherry blossoms. In this photo album, I snapped all of the vibrant colors in a one-block radius.

  7. Our spring has been pretty soggy so far but, lo and behold, my daffodils were trying to come up in mid-February! I’ll have to charge up the camera battery and start recording their progress. :)

    1. our sogginess is coming in the form of a rainy forecast for the next FOUR days! ick! oh well, i’ll take 60 degree temps however i can get them. thanks for sharing your link, jen!

  8. What a great idea and post! Can’t wait to get home and do a spring post on my blog! For the next 3 days Spring means an outdoor Festival where I’m selling my jewelry 😉 Im general spring means fresh starts, energy and day trips to me, oh and allergies ;(

  9. This is a great idea….my post was on cleaning…which I’m still working on hence it not being todays post :)

    Thanks for the chance to try the linky thing…I love trying new things on the computer, however simple they are to others it’s always a challenge for me…

    Finally, Beautiful photos! Have a glorious spring :)

    1. hi lara! hehe – i should clean instead of posting so much 😉 at least that’s what my husband tells me!

      looks like “we scout wednesdays” has been such a hit that you’ll have the opportunity to practice on mister linky every week!

  10. I am absolutely loving the photo of your neighborhood. When I think of where I want to live (versus the crappy “starter home” we’re stuck in now) that is IT exactly. Tree lined streets please.

    1. thanks, mari! we were really lucky to find a home for rent in our neighborhood. there is an incredible mix of houses (big & beautiful like jan’s – to lots of little doubles perfect for first homes – oh, and then mansions on the main drag!).

      we need to move for much space but are so in love that we’re really only looking within the neighborhood!!

  11. It felt like spring would never come – but today the sun is shining, temperature is in the 60’s, we’re going to a college baseball game, and now your lovely nod to the season – woohoo, I think Spring has sprung!!! Bring it on.

  12. I love spring! So much I am having flower week on my blog, so this fit in perfectly! :) My photo is a flower from last year, though….I haven’t had the luck of seeing any actual flowers blooming yet!

  13. I don’t have a blog (yet?) but your photos are so beautiful – especially love your tree-lined street – that I had to comment! Thank you!

    1. thanks, chrystal! that little flower was just waiting to be found by someone with a camera and a little macro action 😉 thanks for sharing your link!

  14. Spring is coming VERY slowly here in North Yorkshire, and even more slowly on my hill top.That tree lined street looks beautiful.(Thanks for the chance to post a link too) x

    1. hi kim! your hill top sounds wonderful – i’m sure spring will be there waiting when you wake up one morning!

      thanks for sharing your link!

  15. I posted four new pairs of flower earrings on my Etsy shop yesterday. I have a few more “flowers” to be finished up and be photographed on my desk right now. Spring is my favorite season!

  16. Yes, I’m looking forward to the change in weather and in attitude! I’m having a FB giveaway to celebrate. Love seeing the flowers pop through the ground….

  17. Thanks for getting me thinking about spring, Tara – just what I needed at the end of a long day! Now I’m daydreaming about starting my seeds and barbecuing on the patio…

  18. well it is very muddy in are yard and that is the first sign of spring, I am also obsessed with flowers at the moment just made a new wreath for our front door!

  19. We love Spring and the newness, freshness it brings with it! We always get inspired, in the sewing room, to use colour full of life! YAY! Nice to see others feel the same…
    Csilla and Marian

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