we scout wednesdays :: planes, trains, automobiles & bikes!

vintage bicycle  photograph by sugarlily
vintage bicycle photography by sugarlily


lola likes to go fast. and when she wants to go fast, she yells, “GOOO!” (ask megan & diane)

i can’t blame her. fast is fun. when the wind wooshes your hair. the summer breeze kisses your face. the start to finish and back again of a fast ride. and the ride i have in mind is a bike.

a shiny, retro cruiser for cruising my neighborhood. down the street, make a right, ride 4 blocks, turn right, ride 3 more blocks, stop. neighborhood bakery & coffee shop. sure, i could walk but i want to GOOO!

or – other direction: straight. 1/2 mile. left, down the hill. park! yeah, we walk there too. but why walk when you can GOOO!

or – down my block, turn left, down the hill 2 blocks. pool’s on your left. sweet. much more glamorous to ride your bike than walk in your swimsuit – besides, i want to GOOO!

oh the places i’ll GOOO!

thank you all for the great response to last week’s first we scout wednesday! 36 links of springy goodness. this week, i’ll invite you to post on anything plane, train, automobile, and – of course – bike related. have a related product? blog about it. a story? blog about it. photographs? blog ’em! and then share your link here on scoutie girl. here’s how it works:

  1. blog about a related topic (flickr’s great too!)
  2. include a link back to this post
  3. post your link in the mister linky below and it will be automatically added to the list!

11 thoughts on “we scout wednesdays :: planes, trains, automobiles & bikes!

  1. I’ve added my link :) I love to ride my bike but am afraid I’m a bit of a fair-weather cyclist! Fortunately the days are getting longer and brighter so it’s almost time to get my bike out once again 😀

  2. I highly recommend an Electra Townie! Mine is snazzy, shiny black with a white wire basket and rack. Zoooooom!

  3. i’m so happy to come out of hibernation to enjoy these early spring days!
    i’ve added my link above.
    these days, most of my ‘going’ is on foot, but that sweet blue cruiser has me dreaming for a little bike-riding of my own.
    sounds like lola has the right idea… GOOOO!

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything bike related, but I love this idea!!! Can’t wait to check out all the posters who do!

  5. i think this whole idea is great! i posted on my little blog about a few of my illustrations, and also included another etsy seller’s photograph. thanks!

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