Want to be a color rockstar?

color rockstar

There are few things that can get me to stop like a great color palette. It’s true. I’m a sucker for color. Unfortunately, it’s not always my strong suit. I rely on a lot of found inspiration and copied color schemes. It serves me well… but I wish I could do more.

Brandi, the designer behind Catie’s Blue where you can find those fab earrings above, is a certified color rockstar. And she wants to help you become a color rockstar too. She says:

Color rockstars understand how color reacts and interacts. They have personally connected to color, and have not only tapped into their own color vocabulary, but also use it with wild abandon in their work.

So she’s put together an e-course to help you learn the ins & outs of using color to it’s full potential in all your creative pursuits.

Want to know more? Click over to the course site!

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