walking the talk

A couple of posts ago I talked about doing less, better. Indeed, I am going to follow my own advice and bring several of the projects that aren’t part of my core business scope to a close this year.

The Steal This Process series has been a lot of fun. It helped me consolidate, define and express what I’ve learned over the years about project management, and share it with a group of people that are close to my heart: creatives and indie business owners.

As I look back over what I accomplished in 2011 and what I want  to get done in 2012, one thing is clear: this year needs to be about e.m.papers only. So to that end, I’m going to be wrapping up my series here on Scoutie Girl.

Through the fall I had to make a decision. Did I want to do more with Steal this Process? Like give more workshops and/or turn it into an e-course – which I think would be great, and there would probably be a lot of demand for.

Then, I had the incredible good fortune of getting contacted – out of the blue – by magazine editors in both Germany and the US for major publications. Wonderful news, but I realized that I needed to get a lot done around product development and shop improvements to reap whatever benefits the publicity brings.

I realized that I had gone out on some tangents this year, and would have been more prepared if I had stuck to working on just e.m.papers.  For a couple of days I was really mad at myself for not staying 110% focused on business.

But I remembered that sometimes the path to a goal is not always straight.

There is no denying how much my life was enriched and my experience deepened by following my heart a little more than my high level plan in 2011.

But now it’s time to get back down to brass tacks and focus on e.m.papers exclusively.  I want to thank everyone who has read and/or commented on my posts. The feedback from this community has been an encouragement and an inspiration. I feel honored to have been a contributor. I look forward to continued sustenance as a Scoutie Girl reader in 2012!

As part of my Steal This Process ‘wind down’ I’ve decided to permanently reduce the cost of the Steal This Process kit, it is now just $27. Scoutie Girl readers can get another 25% off until Christmas day with this code: sgprocess

I wish you a joyful and productive 2012!

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