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Hi everyone! i’m excited to be posting the first edition of a regular column here on Scoutie Girl. i’ve been asked to post about my creative living mindset, and believe me, i’ve got it. You might wonder what exactly a “creative living mindset” is. I’m sure the definition would change depending on who you ask. But for me, it means that when my creative juices get flowing, my first instinct is to make, not to buy. When I choose items for my home, i consider their aesthetic as well as the mood and personality they conjure. When I sit and think of experiences to provide for my son, Cooper, i go straight to interactive ones that i can enhance with a little imagination and effort.

The title for my column is wake. create. repeat. because when i pare it down, that is the core of my life. For example, yesterday when i woke, i hung a few artworks in my newly renovated office, which i had sketched up, and my husband constructed using IKEA countertops, salvaged cabinets, and some clever wordworking. Then i got on with the “gypsy rocking horse” project i’ve been working on. More on that doozy later. And i filled the rest of my day with typical office work, and the nuts and bolts of running a business…plus, building a few Lego houses and making up some new code words for “kisses” with C. He thinks code words for “kisses” are hysterical, like our little secret. Our favorite is McGooch. It sprang from the phrase Smooch McGooch~ don’t ask!  Later, when my husband got home from work, we went outside to put in a couple hours painting our deck railings. We had built a pergola and new steps last year but were too tired by the end of the project to do the requisite 2-3 coats of paint. And, um, it showed! We needed to correct that. Finally, we set up a second sandbox under the swingset, cleaned up, and headed in for dinner.

This is just what we do.

We spend a lot of time at Lowe’s and Home Depot and Joann Fabrics and AC Moore. i always have paint under my nails and in my hair. Our house is usually full of half-finished paintings, sawdust, and pipe-cleaner caterpillars. In a world where it is oh-so-simple to be a consumer for your every need, we really try everyday to create something of our own.

Now, i’m not saying i don’t enjoy a good Target run or a little retail therapy from time to time….because boy do i! But in this space, i’m just going to share the parts of my story with you that reflect creative living. Whether that means instituting family traditions or mixing my own floor cleaner, making a piece of artwork as a birthday gift for my mom or sewing up a curtain to make a reading nook for my son, i will give you an honest accounting of my experience.

Here are some pics of the aforementioned deck, office renovation, reading nook. And i’ve got plenty more to share.


20 thoughts on “wake. create. repeat. – an introduction

    1. thank you jen! we have been systematically brightening up every room in the house…….you know, so i can fill the rooms with color in the form of art and accessories. The natural, soft white in my office has made such a wonderful difference b/c i can “see what i’m doing” more in terms of color. There is no shaded cast from painted walls. Should have done this years ago!

  1. Oh, yay! Kindred spirit, here, loving your feature already–I’ve always been the diy instead of buy, type. Often as a way to save money, but just as often because it’s more fun that way and finding exactly what I have in mind on a store shelf seldom, if ever, happens.

  2. congratulations stephanie! how exciting. i am looking forward to your column. i, too, am a big diy girl. i always think, can i make this, before i go out and buy it. i think my biggest project so far was making a huge ottoman. i felt pretty good about myself after making that!

    1. that’s right! you go girl! in our house i usually draw up plans…the hubs doesn the “heavy lifting” and then i come in and do finishing. can we see pics of your awesome ottoman?

  3. your office looks amazing!!! honestly, I’m jealous right now. Congratulations to you. I am so glad you are spreading your sunshine here now. I truly look forward to all you have to share! :)

    1. thanks khristian! i’d be happy to share details of the reno with you. we did the whole thing for about $700 i think! that includes paint, ikea countertops, drawers, shelves and then, of course, we lucked out with some cast off cabinets that are HUGE. They were well worth the effort to paint.

  4. Nice to see you here, Mrs. Corfee!! I loved reading your intro and your first post – that till is fantastic and so sweet to have around for C!! Perfect addition to all that makes Scoutie Girl great!!

    1. oh, jan! you are so supportive!! thank you! i love looking at your heart-to-hearts each week and i’m lucky i get to be on the team with you now : )

  5. OMG how funny my fiancee and I totally call each other Smoooch McGooch! and I thought we were the only ones:)

    Thanks for the inspiring post, I really try to do the same but can sometimes get a bit distracted:)
    I love that reading nook!

    1. hi amanda! hmmm…do you know where you ever heard “Smooch McGooch” first? i sure don’t. maybe i will have to do some sleuthing! But i love that i can just say “McGooch” to my son, and he trots over and gives me a kiss. My husband pretends he doesn’t know our code and my son giggles that we have a secret from daddy : )

  6. Great post….looking forward to you making Scoutie Girl even more amazing than it already is!!

    I’m so freakin jealous of your craft room I can’t even stand it!!

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