Vulnerability in Action: Share Your Dream

This is a guest post from Marthe Hagen.

"Dreaming" by SpiritEssenceArt

I have a dream.

You know the words.

You might have seen the speech. And you have read about it in the history books.

But let’s pause a minute and think about what would have happened if Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t shared his dream with the world.

Let’s say he was too afraid his dream wouldn’t come true to share it. Or he was afraid people would laugh and think it was stupid. Or maybe he didn’t want people to know who he really was and what he really cared about.

What would have happeneded then? – – You’re right. Probably not much.

Your dream might be of a world changing nature. Or you might be dreaming about something for yourself – like a business, a house or having children. All dreams are importrant.

And all kinds of dreams need to be shared.

Because it’s when you share your dream you create space for it to come true.

Only when you share your dream do you create space for people to reach out.

Right now, I’m dreaming of moving to New York City, traveling round the world for a year and writing a novel. When I started sharing this with my friends, readers and mentors, opportunities started to flow in. A friend of a friend could set me up for the first few weeks in NYC. Blog readers invited me to meet up during my travels. And absolutely no one has ever laughed or said that my dreams are stupid, cliché or not worthy of pursuit.

Martin Luther King Jr. took a big risk that day in sharing his dream with the world. A risk that cost him his life in the end. Dream sharing is vulnerability in action. Living is risky. And if you don’t share your dreams with anyone, it might cost you your life too. Your dream life.

So today I invite you to share your dreams with the world. Start with someone you trust and take it from there. You’ll never know when you’ll share your dream with the very person that can make it come true.

Embrace vulnerability.
Open up.
And dream big.


Marthe Hagen is a soulful, adventurous writer and imagemaker. She writes, shares, helps, searches, inspires, crashes and burns (like a phoenix). She shares her wisdom, musings and philosophy along with her images and inspiration over at The Freedom Experiment. She is a collecter of dreams and would love it if you would share yours. You can follow her at @Marthehhagen.

6 thoughts on “Vulnerability in Action: Share Your Dream

  1. Such beautiful and true words. I especially loved “…when you share your dream you create space for it to come true.” Though I am a well-practiced, long-time non-sharer of dreams, my dream to move to Vermont has been growing bigger and filling my heart and soul to the very brim. So now I’m sharing and reactions are mixed (sometimes comical) but I hope a space is opening up, so that it can come true. Good luck with your move to NYC.

    1. Maureen,

      your dream sounds wonderful! I love that you write that it fills your heart and soul to the brim. It sounds exactly like the kind of dream that makes us feel alive, even though it’s not coming true right away.

      Let other people get some time, it’s only normal that people react in funny ways, especially if your dream affects them in any way too.

      I wish you all the best!


  2. Embrace vulnerability.
    Open up.
    And dream big.

    How easy it is to minimize our dreams. I needed to be reminded that my big dreams don’t need to be kept to myself.

    I dream of traveling to document stories of positive change and hope. I dream of moving to the NW coast of the US. I dream of a healthy planet and thriving communities.

    Will I see these dreams played out? I’ll never know if I don’ put it out there.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. I grew up in a house that did not encourage dreaming at all-dreaming was impractical, shameful and something that you were mocked for. As a result I’ve always either kept mine to myself (safe) or ignored them altogether (even safer)…but I think you’re right about needing to share them. I’ve been working on not worrying so much what people will say or think and on having the courage not only to dream but to follow those dreams. Thank you very much for this post-it’s good to know that other people hesitate to share their dreams as well. And that they find the courage to do it anyway.

  4. Love the article! I have a “story board/dream board” up on my wall by my desk and add any words or pictures I find to it. Looking at my dreams every day and sharing them with friends when they come by keeps life in perspective!

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