Vision + Confidence = Unreal Community

Amy Quarry runs AdBoom Studio in Quesnel, Canada, a town of 10,000 people an eight-hour drive from Vancouver in northern British Columbia. And she has a vision for community. Amy’s vision involves online and offline interactions. Authenticity. Relationships. Showing up and being yourself. Making connections that bring people together.

But really, I’m curious about a how she planned an event called the “UnReal Wedding,” a dinner theatre-style mock marriage ceremony with wedding vendor sponsors as guests. And how that takes a whole lot of vision, confidence, and rallying of the team — transferable skills that we each need a little bit of to accomplish our goals.

Amy and I met as attendees at Spark Retreat in 2012, before I joined the planning group.

Meaningful interaction: what does it mean to you?

How do you make time to connect with people who live physically in your world?

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