view your world with a child’s eyes

The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.
— Stephen Nachmanovitch

I just spoke with Amber Dusick, from woodmouse, about her creative process & ethic of sustainability. You’ll see bits & pieces of the interview throughout the week. On this Monday morning, I want to share with you the unique perspective that Amber brings to her work.

She takes her creative cues from those things that make children believe in magic. I asked her how she translates this into her creative process…

I allow myself to create with the freedom a child would. I try not to be afraid to look silly. Children don’t judge what they are creating. I try to remember this. I also allow that “magic” into my own world by seeing the world with fresh eyes like a child would. Once I’m able to turn this on, absolutely everything is inspiring.

Visit Amber at woodmouse or her new ceramics shop (above).

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