V-Day Art that will Look Great all Year Long

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

V-Day: The strange (yet interesting) “holiday” where you give something heart-shaped or chocolatey to the ones you love. Now, I realize there is more to it than that. I am generalizing just a tiny bit. But if you are already going to pick something up for loved ones anyway, why not get them something they can appreciate year round? Something like, oh I don’t know, art?

No surprise the crazy art lady is at it again- suggesting you pick up a unique original or lovey-dovey print. But I really do think its a good idea. In fact, it’s a great idea. But there’s just one tiny little problem. Today is actually Valentine’s Day (remember I mentioned that earlier), so why would I be advocating that you pick these up now?

I Love You More than Chocolate $15 + Ampersand Love Screenprint $13.50

Well, it may be true that these pieces have a bit of V-Day fever to them, BUT each piece would also look great year-round in your home. And after today, it won’t really seem like a Valentine’s Day print anyway. So, there’s no “deadline” really. I mean, how can you put a time limit on gifts? Or art? Or home decor?

And if I still haven’t convinced you, I hope this will at least inspire you in the way that you think about future gift-giving holidays: practical meets awesome (meets art) is always a good way to go if you’re stuck.

We Met In… Original Handcrafted Map Cutout $37

Valentine Butterfly Heart $25 + 4-Ever Personalized Art Print $15

Now, I want to know what you think. Weigh in on this question in the comments below:

Would you want to give or receive artwork on special occasions and holidays like today?

7 thoughts on “V-Day Art that will Look Great all Year Long

  1. Oh my gosh, would I ever! How much more awesome would it be if all my art was gifted to me because someone saw it and thought of me? Every time I looked at a piece I would think of the giver and smile because I’d be thinking of him and he was thinking of me when he got it and now I’m thinking of him thinking of me and it’d be a big love cycle. Much better than an eat chocolate, have tummy ache, be required to do extra cardio cycle people engage in now.

  2. being as i detest valentines day for the commercial holiday that it is (hubby buys me the same chocolates, teddy & flowers from the shopette here on base after work every year … it’s cute but not special & he knows it) … i would much rather receive any other day of the year from the person i love because they actually thought about it as something i wanted. Ok rant over … i do love the artwork, i love that you can keep it forever & it’s a special thing between you & the person you love …

    here is one i plan on buying for said hubby … it’s an inside joke …

  3. WOULD! There is nothing I would love more (well, maybe chocolate covered caramels – No, I’d rather have the artwork).

  4. I would love to receive artwork for any occasion. It’s a more useful gift, in that you can look at it every day, instead of gobbling it up in an instant or having something that will fade in a few days. To me, it’s also a more personal gift that takes extra thought. I’d prefer art or music over almost any gift.

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