Using Core Guides to Shape Your Business

core guides

Last month we talked about identifying and applying your core beliefs. To build on that work, let’s dive into your core guides.

What is a core guide? Kind of like it sounds like, it’s a value that guides your work. Everybody has them.

Your Core Guides

What guides your work?

Perhaps values like excellence, innovation, or collaboration.

But I bet there’s more to it than that…

An artist may be driven by color. An athlete may be driven by competition. A stylist may be driven by compassion. A coach may driven by prestige.

Your core guides are the things that lead you to do what you do in the way that you do it.

My guides are gratitude, integrity, simplicity, collaboration, audacity, and beauty. When I’m honest and accurate about the work that I do, these core guides are the nexus. Almost everything in my work, from my website to my coaching packages to the software I use, can be traced back to these core guides. (Want a visual? Check out this Pinterest board.)

Something important: I didn’t get clever and invent them. They were already there, informing my decisions. I simply identified them.

Your task is the same. Can you identify the elements that guide or drive your work?

Here are some questions to get you thinking. You may find some overlap with the writing you did in the last month’s core beliefs exercise. That’s ok. Just answer with your work in mind, and write your answers down.

  • What do you value most?
  • What are you known for?
  • What qualities do you consistently bring to your work?
  • What matters most to you in your work?
  • What do you trust?
  • What’s your signature style?
  • What needs to be in place for everything else to make sense?
  • What motivates you?
  • Is there anything else that drives your work?

Review your replies and choose the 3-5 guides that resonate with you the most.

Then, explore what each of your guides means to you. Craft 1-3 sentences for each guide that explains its personal significance to you. If you’d like an example, you can read mine at the bottom of this page on my website.

Now it’s time to check in and see how your work matches up with your guides.

  • How is your work already a reflection of these guides?
  • Are there any ways in which your work feels out of alignment with your guides?
  • What adjustments could you make to your work to better incorporate your guides?

Have questions about your core guides? Let’s talk about them in the comments.

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