Urban Inspiration: Seoul Style

Seoul is one of the places where I find I naturally recharge my creative batteries. A bustling metropolis of over 25 million people, Seoul is an inspiring mix of traditional and modern; built environment and rugged nature. It spearheads technological development and holds tradition as sacrosanct. A walk through the heart of Seoul stirs the senses, jolts your soul. You feel pulled in many directions, a bit topsy turvy and above all inspired by the extremes.


The traditional and modern stand side by side.



 Details are intricate and powerful.


 It is a city of priceless treasures.

creative urban

 A city of creative urban planning.


 A city of public art.


 There is time honoured ceremony


and new celebrations.

 Consistent throughout is vibrancy and colour …



 Day and night…


 Seoul is a city of juxtaposition and extremes. The colourful landscape is what holds it together and inspires.

 What city inspires your creativity?
What element fires up your imagination?

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