are you ready for an unconventional life?

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My life has been full of unconventional life decisions. Not all of them were positive – but all were unexpected and uniquely mine. Most of the time, the decision was between something normal that seemed unbearable and something that seemed a little crazy.

Today is the first day on the “other side” of one of those decisions. Mike and I decided that we can live off the income from my business and that he could quit his job. His last day was Friday. Today we move forward, creating a new normal.

While I was brought up to value the entrepreneurial spirit, the love of vocation, the hunt to find the “more” in life, Mike was raised to value the daily grind & the regular paycheck.

Goodness knows I’m thankful for it. Had he not put into the grueling work – think walking 20 miles a day in July in 99 degree heat – at his job while Lola was tiny, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to craft my career and finally listen to my vocation. I don’t think I could have pulled it off the way he did. But in working day in and day out at a job that was both physically exhausting and mentally unrelenting, he came home miserable.

The funny, sarcastic, quick-witted man I married devolved into a sullen robot at the end of the day. Weekends were his only respite but he loathed anything past Sunday at 9am.

Enough. This has to stop, I said. We’re going to make this work. Because it’s not working now.

So our family made an unconventional decision. Mike quit his job, I now work full-time, from home, doing what I love, and Mike will take care of Lola and work on finding something that fulfills him as much as writing this to you fulfills me right now.

And while there are plenty of people cheering us on (thank you!) there are plenty of people with words of caution and downright disapproval. That’s fine. You know, I’m thankful for them too. I’m thankful that there are people to keep me grounded and remind me of how difficult life can be. I’m thankful that there are people who care enough to actually tell us what they think. And I’m thankful that someone disapproves because otherwise it wouldn’t be a very unconventional decision, now would it?

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I don’t make unconventional decisions to be contrary. I make my decisions because they feel right. Because if I don’t make them, I’ll scream. If I don’t make them, I won’t be the person – mother – wife – leader I want need to be.

So maybe today, whether your shaking your head disapprovingly or patting me on the back, I’m wondering if you won’t think about a decision before you and ponder the unconventional path. What would it feel like to go against the grain? What assumptions have you made about your situation that just aren’t true? What’s the worst case scenario if your unconventional decision doesn’t quite work out?

Most importantly, what do you have to gain by making an unconventional decision?

If you don’t give yourself the time to explore the not-so-normal way of doing things, you just keep on keeping on. It’s hard to really get ahead. It’s really hard to do much of anything remarkable.

If there’s one thing I really want out of life, it’s to be remarkable. To raise a remarkable daughter. To be a remarkable wife. To help others become more remarkable. I want to help you be exceptional. To be an exception to the rules that life tries to give us. An exception is something that doesn’t fit in the box, it’s the thing that’s a little off, a little crazy (in the best kind of way). It’s the thing that defines normal by being anything but.

Your dreams and big ideas belong to no one but you, and you never need to apologize for or justify them to anyone.
— Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity

To be exceptional, you have to choose to be the exception. I’ve made my choice and so has Mike. Today we choose to be another exception to the rule of “9 to 5, work, death & taxes.”

Are you ready for an unconventional life? Are you ready to be the exception to the rule?

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  1. Oh, congratulations to both of you! What a wonderful (if possibly scary) moment in your lives!

    It is my dream to be able to support my husband and I through my work – and I get closer every day.

    Thank you for showing us how possible it is!

  2. Hi Tara! I’m actually in the exact same boat! My Common-Law boyfriend has been working labor jobs all his life, yet he is possibly even more creative than I am! Wanting to be a comedian so bad and coming home frustrated every day because he’s not making money the way he wants to, or desires to. We are sadly not in a financial situation for him to quit but our goal is such!!

    I know everyone will be frowning upon us when he does get to quit, but we know best!

    Thanks for sharing your story!


  3. So excited for the both of you! I’m sure some moments will be tough, it always is when there’s change. But, it sounds like you two are making a wonderful decision that will make both your lives better. Very inspiring.

  4. Hi! I got married in july and in the middle of October i’m moving from Patra (current living alone) to Amalias (hometown and husband) 80km away. I am an employee , graphic designer, for about 10 years now. I’m quiting my secure job and i’m going to be a freelancer graphic designer, and crafter (i have i little shop at etsy) in very very difficult times especially here in Greece. But i’m not afraid. Now i have the strengh to do it and i feel completely ready.

  5. Congratulations to both of you!
    I start my own new path this week as well, some would regard it as conventional, some not. Either way, like you said, it is something I need to do for me, for my family.

  6. Congrats on taking the leap! I’ve been very frustrated with my own situation for awhile now, and I finally did something to change that – on Friday I put in my notice at my full-time day job. I’m going back to my old employer to work part-time (current day job wouldn’t allow me to go part-time, I asked), so that I have more time to focus on my own business. It’s not quite full-time self-employment, but it’s one step closer. Plus the new (old) part-time job is a lot closer to what I really want to be doing, and I think it will be a good environment for me to be in again.

    Best of luck to you and Mike!

  7. Tara, this is such an awe-inspiring & beautiful post in SO many ways. Such a beautiful and compelling rally cry & call to something higher. I’m so very happy for your family and so very proud of you for taking yet another big leap! :)

  8. Giant Congratulations for being brave and taking the leap of faith! Unfortunately, we can’t do it – yet. I have to continue in my soul-sucking day job, and so does my hubby. The mortgage is too big, kids will be in college soon. I figure 10 more years of this (MAX), then I’m done. There’s a lot of good in my job too (I work from a home office!), so sometimes I think I should just shut up and stop complaining. And as much as I’d like to sell the home and do something much smaller, the real estate market won’t allow that. We’re stuck – for the time being. And continue to work hard to grow my side-job (my etsy sites), so that one day it will feed us. Best of luck!

  9. This sounds very familiar to me. I work (more than) full time on my business, and my husband, although he has a career, watches our daughter most of the time because he is a freelance audio engineer and doesn’t work regularly. When he gets work, either I have to watch her and catch up on my work later or wrangle someone else to care for her which is mentally exhausting and I still lose so much time in the process of transporting her back and forth. We discussed him giving up his job, which meant saying no whenever he was called for work, but decided against that. Partly because my husband does love his job and needs the outlet, but partly because being solely responsible for our family scares the crap out of me! So high five, Tara! You’ve taken the ultimate leap!

  10. bravo tara! bravo!
    I’m still just working on being able to contribute to the full capacity I did in my 9-5 with my new venture now.
    Your ‘unconventional’ decision is inspiring & completely makes sense to me!
    It’s nice to know I’m not alone in decisions that many around us frown upon.

  11. This post couldn’t have come at a better time – My boyfriend works at a dealership selling cars and the long hours, lying customers and two-faced attitude of the people he works for is wearing him thin. He sounds like your husband at the end of the day – Weary and stressed.

    I told him he needs to do what makes him happy (which, in turn, will make me happy), or at the very least, find a job that works “normal” hours so we can see each other more every day (oftentimes he comes home at 9:30 or later), leaving more time to do what we want to do, not what we have to do. I am 22 and he is 23, it’s sad that the stress of the “socially-acceptable lifestyle” is already affecting us at a young age …

    Thank you so much for the inspirational post and I wholeheartedly support your decision to break free of the norm – Congratulations and good luck to you and your family!

  12. Bravo and all the best to you, Mike and Lola. I have always been unconventional, and my husband does the grind. That involves a lot of walking and heat for him too. Fortunately he has a job that allows him to be creative in the ways he loves. Making machines work. That makes it possible for me to take a chance on my passion now that I finally found it. My dream is not that he be able to quit his job, but that he be able to retire early and have our house paid off. We are a bit older than you :-) Still it is because of people like you that I believe we can do this! Thanks Tara

  13. A huge amount of cheering on from me!

    We’ve also recently made the same decision with my hubby becoming the stay-at-home dad to our one year old while I’m the work-from-home mum bringing in the money. I feel like it could be a crazy decision trying to support a family on a small, but quickly growing jewellery business, but it really has been the best so far! Congratulations and I’m certain you’ll do fabulously!

  14. WOW!!! What timing on this post.

    I am going through the same thing with this now. My husband retired from the Navy. For the past few years he tried making the next rate. Now, just as he was getting ready to retire, they gave it to him. However, my husband turned it down because at this stage of the game he would have to go back out to sea for the next 3 years missing the remaining of our son’s high school years and sports. It was something he did not want to do nor did our son.

    Staying in would of been finacially beneficial, however he was really unhappy at this point and was definatley ready to move on. He told me, happiness and time with the family is far more better than being away from the most important years. I wanted him to stay in and am really tore up about it. Reading this post makes me feel a lot better.

    You only live once. Do what you love and the rest will fall into place. I see people working 50+ hours a week, trying to keep up with the Jones. And for what? In the end they will have no memories to look back on but their company meetings…….family and friends will already have moved on. In other words, their life will be “The Cats in The Cradle” song.


  15. Congratulations!! My husband and I made this same decision last fall and while it has had its challenges it was best for our family and we definitely know it was the right thing to do. I work full time and he stays at home with our twin boys (who are 2). I hadn’t thought of our life as unconventional – just what “we” are doing, you know what I mean? But I guess it is, and I am proud of use for taking the plunge. A stranger asked me yesterday who watches the boys during the day and when I told her my husband stays home with them she stared at me like I had told her I leave them at home alone to fend for themselves. LOL :) Thanks for sharing your story and good luck!

  16. I say ‘So what’ to all the ‘advice’ you may get about one of you needing a conventional job/paycheck – it doesn’t do you any good if the mental/physical strain is so much that neither of you can enjoy your life together.

    The positives of following the the path you want to will far outweigh the negatives. Good luck :)

  17. Way to go Tara and Hubby! I wish you all the success possible.

    30 years ago I made a decision to follow my heart and become a full time studio potter!!! My parents thought I should be a nurse or a teacher. Of course they were just concerned about my future. I also new I was choosing time over money! It has been hard work…..but it has been my work! Life really is not a dress rehearsal…it gos so fast…So you doing what you love and your husband having more time with the family is a very wonderful thing!


  18. My favorite lines of this post are: “What’s the worst case scenario if your unconventional decision doesn’t quite work out?

    Most importantly, what do you have to gain by making an unconventional decision?”

    As you know, I am about to quit my job and I have spent some time thinking about what I will lose, but more so I am thinking about what I will gain. If it doesn’t work out, I won’t wither up and die, I will get through it. But, when it does work out, my life will be what I have always wanted and needed.

    The amazing possibilities far outweigh the idea of having less money for a little while.

    Yay for you guys! I am excited to start my similar journey soon!

  19. GOOD. FOR. YOU!!!!
    my DH suffered a job loss right before the birth of our 3rd daughter, it was so scary – but the BEST thing to have happen to us & his career! We tried to make a go at him starting his own biz, it didn’t work out, BUT, BUT, he ended up in a job that is very rewarding, not taxing and fulfilling to him…he is SO happy now. He was miserable before. ANd to be honest, even after having him around all the time for that unemployed year, i never, ever got sick of having him around. It was a huge impact on our family, in a good way. My girls are more bonded to their father now and when he comes home it is so much different…we are all more positive bc of that experience.
    Good for you. Don’t let the naysayers creep in and give you doubt!

  20. Beautiful…I think it’s beautiful to find the unconventional in what works best not only for you, your whole family. The gifts you’re providing your daughter (and your own inner child) can’t be neatly boxed and wrapped, you’ve already jumped out of there and showing her (each of you) the great big world. Great attitude on the supporters and nay-sayers, we can learn from all of them. Congrats!!

  21. Congrats Tara!

    I see too many couples forcing the other to embrace the corporate lifestyle, even when their significant other can’t cope, just to keep a good pay-check coming in.

    Way to dangerous in my opinion. I’d rather support my significant other, finding their purpose, than be depressed, anxious, and finding it hard to cope with life, all in the guise of “having a real job”.

    No job is worth having if later down the track, one ends up having a breakdown over it. Not that I am saying that’s what happening with your hubby, but have seen the effects of people not coping with their jobs and still sticking with it, for the sake of getting a pay check.

  22. Congratulations, again. I’m so glad that going against the grain is not only possible in theory, but also in reality. It’s encouraging to read about your journey into this moment, especially as my husband and I consider our own options for the future.

    We’ve set a goal of 2011 for our transition, though we’re still trying to put the finishing touches on what that will look like in the new year! I’ve been blessed with a great full-time job with great people, but I know where my heart is. My husband finishes school in November with his MA, and he’s been great at home with our 5 month-old. We just know what’s not working and want a life that fits who we are as people, as parents, and as partners.

    Thanks for being the inspiration—I couldn’t have found this site at a better time in our lives.

  23. Hi Tara,
    Congratulations to have the guts to do this! Most families would not and that is sad. Life is not all that long; don’t wait around to be remarkable – just jump now.
    Funny thing – several years ago I made some silver bracelets which had the words “Be Remarkable” on them. They were a huge hit.
    Good luck to you

  24. Congratulations on a courageous decision! I wish you the best. Think of the model you are providing Lola of two people who have high standards for their lives. What a gift to her!

  25. YAY! So nice for your family! Someday this story will be mine, too. We’re in limbo & a bit tied right now, but it shall pass. Each day I’m taking steps toward our goals, however small they may seem. The year before my twins were born, I saved enough to keep us afloat for my husband’s year + of unemployment. Frugal lessons tested to the max but we rode it out intact and when the boys go to school I’ll be ready to go out there again. Your decision gets me charged up for our own possibilities… (my husband wants to go back to school). It’s always wonderful to know that it’s being done – not just a crazy ‘what if’. Congrats.

  26. Congrats to you both! I know that this decision was not made lightly, and that’s a good thing, but you still have to follow what feels right for you. My hubby & I went through the same thing when I decided to do writing full-time (and just last year when he decided to join the military). Advice and opinions are everywhere, but you have to do what is right for YOU :)

  27. yay, congratulations! this sounds like the right move for your family (and i know how excited you’ve been about it).
    this sounds absolutely wonderful, and i was always envious of couples who can support themselves without someone having to go off to a 9-5 five days a week until i really began to see and appreciate how much my boyfriend loves his full time job as an engineer – it’s truly his dream job. sometimes it’s important to remember than fulfilling vocations really vary from person to person.
    and i’m happy for your lucky little girl, having both parents home so much + oh so happy!

  28. Congrats, you guys! My husband and I are both working from home, following what we love. It’s a fabulous, rewarding and sometimes challenging choice but one that I wouldn’t change for anything. Lola is going flourish with Mama AND Daddy home during the days! Wonderful, wonderful!

  29. Congrats to the both of you! My husband and I share unconventional hours/work schedules, and have forever. During this time we have raised our now 8 year old son. No one can ever understand our schedule/lives unless they do it themselves. Bottom line…always do what works for your family! :0

  30. i’m a firm believer in the necessity of closing one door so that another can open.

    when i made the unconventional decision to not go back to work after my son was born 2 years ago….i wavered…and wavered, and almost went back, and it took a lot of time before i was able to answer others directly. good for you for *knowing.

  31. I just wanted to say Congrats to all of you! Lola is going to be so happy to have this time with daddy! Congrats to you Tara for being so successful and blogging so that we can work towards greater success.

    Have fun and keep us posted…(Like you won’t) :)

  32. Congratulations to you all! What an awesome leap! This is where I hope to be someday in the near future.

    My husband was laid off earlier this spring and while scary at first was the best thing for our entire family. For those 2 months, I was able to work full time on my business, doing what I love and he was home taking care of our 4 kids and we were able to do things during the weekday as a family whenever we felt like it since my work is on my own time. We were the happiest we have ever been. We all cried when his work hired him back but its what we need right now until my business can sustain our family of 6.

    Thank you for this inspiring post!

  33. I am in awe, and I thoroughly support what you are doing, I so wish I had the strength to do that for myself. I hear the same crap, the normal job, benefits routine and it keeps me bound and never achieving what I want for my life, my painting comes last and everything else first so I can barely make the bills and and kill myself and take antidepressants along the way. I keep saying “some day, some day” Well at 51 some day needs to get here!!
    I hope that it goes well and it may give someone else the strength to do the same thing!!

  34. I’m doing the same unconventional decision… my last day of the typical 9-5 job is next Friday and I can’t be anymore happier! Though I’ll miss the people, I’m looking forward to working on my craft. I did have mini-episodes though of “What am I doing?!” However, I got over it. :)

  35. This is so timely! I’m on the verge of deciding whether or not to take a job that would be considered a step “backward” or down the ladder I’ve been climbing for the past five years. It will give me alot more flexibility and get me back to working directly with people who need help – instead of advising the people who help those folks who need help. It will also give me some extra time and the opportunity to spend more time making a home and being a wife who doesn’t spend 10 hours at the office only to come home and keep working. I think it’s the right thing for me and my husband and I’m excited…but also a little scared :) Thanks for telling your story!

  36. Congrats! You guys could make it work. I am still waiting for this moment, but right now i need to work hard to make it happen, because my biz is just starting, i think it should be taking a long time to work with it. I am still struggle working from home mom. If your hubby is away at work, your priorty is family matter first, right. So, I have to engage most of my time at my work and do my work at flexibility as i could.

  37. This is so my life right now too. I was in the exact same spot as your husband – working a corporate “day job” that was so awful it was starting to majorly affect my typically upbeat and positive personality and making my life miserable. i know too well about the whole “loathing anything past 9am on Sunday” thing – getting that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you contemplate another week spent in hell.

    I put in my 2 week notice just a few days ago and made the decision to take a major paycut to instead do something that is going to feed my soul rather than suck the life out of it. I feel so much lighter and happier for it, it was instantaneous. You reach that point where things get so bad that being afraid to “take the plunge” isn’t even a factor anymore – you know it’s a matter of spiritual and mental life and death.

    Thank you for writing this! I feel the timing is so perfect – and I also saw a link you posted about 2 weeks ago regarding the “FYF” from Tyler Tervooren. Again, so serendipitous :). Congrats to you and your husband for making the absolute right decision for yourselves!

  38. you go girl! we may be on the verge of something unconventional (i like to say that, rather than mayhem) and though it feels a bit scary, it is the only way to get to the other side! you’ll never know unless you try and you have everything to gain by doing so. my love, encouragement and prayers are with you. you and your family are super kick-butt and i know you can do this!

    xo, bonnie

  39. Congrats to you both for having the guts most of wish we had!! Don’t listen to the nay sayers. Just be happy you are doing what is right for your family!

  40. Tara congratulations! I’m really and truly happy for your growing success (internet hug) and your husbands ability to now start a new chapter for both of you! Life has its ups and downs regardless of what we do; but the worst is when we’re unhappy because we do nothing. I can so relate to this post though my boyfriend and are are in a bit different situation. It’s all a bit scary, but one has to push past the fear and do what is right, Smart and brings joy for oneself. And this isn’t something you decided last night…it was a lot of work to get to this point for both of you so enjoy and continue on!

  41. Tara,

    I’m not shaking my head at you. Nope, I’m nodding strongly with a HELL YEAH!

    Here’s to stickin’ it to The Man. LOL.

    But really – wishing you an exhilarating new normal. 😀


  42. The comment above mentions ‘new normal’ and it’s my sentiment exactly. Who’s to say conventional or un, normal or ab? Kudos to you and Mike for giving it a go. My words of encouragement come from a retired teacher,embarking on a 2nd career and having no regrets in my life…to me that’s the key…no regrets!

  43. Yay! Way to go guys! This must be such an exciting, thrilling and scary time for you, but way to go! I am currently in the process of trying to bring my “shop” to the next level. This is VERY scary for me, because I have no clue where it will lead. I’m nervous that I am biting off way more than I can chew, or that perhaps I’m delusional, but I’m also very excited because I know it’s something I need to do, have been wanting to do for a long time and that I am ready to do….I am taking a leap.

  44. My husband calls me “the gravy train”, as we dream of him quitting his job & being a stay at home Dad (although there won’t be a baby for a while!), doing the cookin’ & the laundry (he likes it!) & writing comedy shows & performing improv & being Mr Fix It/furniture builder (he likes it!) & running my marketing/website.

    Thanks for showing us it can be done. Super big smiles to you & your fam!

  45. Tara – once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your bravery and your families bravery inspire me daily. I know exactly how Mike felt in his job, because I’m living that right now. I want to make that unconventional decision, I need to make that unconventional decision, but the time is just not right.

    I applaud your family and thank you for sharing your story!

  46. My husband and I have made some very unconventional decisions (at least in our world and circle of family/friends) that have been met with lots of disapproval, raised eyebrows, and “I told you sos” when things didn’t work out as planned. But guess what? We’ve never regretted the times we’ve followed our hearts and “went for it”. There is a lot of adrenaline that comes with making a big and scary decision that fuels you for awhile. For us, the key over the long haul has been to not fall into “the grass WAS greener” mode and regret when things get hard after the new decision and real life sinks in. Don’t get discouraged if things do get tough. It’s worth it! And WAY better than being stuck in a place you know wasn’t right for you/your family. Better to try something new and adventurous…And good things usually do follow, even if it takes time. Worst case scenario: You’ve lived an authentic life vs. living in a shell of the real you. Jonathan Swift said, “May you live all the days of your life.” Congratulations to you and your husband for doing that!

  47. As half of an unconventional team who have made many unconventional decisions I can only say, go girl! Some times you will feel the need for a deep breath but when you get to be almost 64 (like me) you will look back and realize you are very happy that you and your husband ‘took the bull by the teeth’ and moved ahead!!!


  48. Congratulations! When I left my ‘career’ job everyone kept reminding me of the degree/s I had and asking why I didn’t keep ‘using’ them – well, the bottom line is I was unhappy and coming home miserable every day is exhausting.

    Once I decided to open my own business and get away from the daily unhappiness – everything came together. And, while I still work a day job, it’s something much less stressful, and it gives me the time I need to focus on my business and shows.

    Kudos to you and your husband!

  49. Yep it’s scary but it’s what needs to be done to enjoy life, you only get one life so make the most of it…sometimes that involves making big decisions.

    I also made one of those big changes back in 2008, my marriage very bad because of my husbands alcoholism and my career just taking off, my family life was chaotic and at a point where it was just plain miserable. I gave my career up and tried to stabilize everything at home. Then scarily realized one year later I had to get me and the kids out and had no job and no money. I did the next brave thing and started my painting business, now I am happily sitting in my my beautiful apartment with my happy kids and not regretting the day I made those brave decisions.

    Well done to both of you, a happy marriage equals a happy family.

  50. How wonderful for your family, Tara, Congrats! All throughout my adult life (and I guess my young life, too, now that I think about it!) I have followed an ‘unconventional path’, I think. My husband and I have never followed money or the American Dream, but rather what we feel like God wants for us, what our children need from us, and what our hearts tell us will lead to our contentment. We have never regretted our decisions.

  51. Congratulations to you and your family! That is so exciting! I read your post and almost started crying – it is so familiar and so spot on. My fiancee and I met while working at a restaurant. Last year he left to pursue a career in photography and is doing great. I am down to 3 days a week – while doing my art the rest of the time – but I want to be out of the soul-sucking service industry once and for all. I want to leave my table waiting days behind, but know I can’t support myself just yet. That time is coming though and I can’t wait for that wonderful amazing day when I hand in my 2 weeks notice and am finally free.

    Thanks for writing the most awesome, heartfelt posts ever. I love reading your blog and it always offers a pick me up when I’m feeling frustrated or down. Best of luck to you and your husband!

  52. I have been so standing in front of the jumprope about what you’re doing right now. I am especially nodding when I read your “not want but need” insight And sometimes I feel like a crazy person for wanting to jump out of the sure thing and into the life-giving thing. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll be following along, storing up courage.

  53. Congrats Tara!

    I am running business A while building building business B so i can leave A far behind.

    I love every minute since i’ve left the conventional life and started walking into the unknown. And honestly the worst day doing this is better than my best day doing anything else.

    Good luck.

  54. Way to go Tara! Sounds like you guys made the right decision. We made a leap last year when my husband decided to join me full time at Sycamore Street Press and make it our family business. It definitely isn’t always smooth sailing, but we are so glad that we made that decision. We love being able to work together every day at something we love. It makes not having a steady paycheck or benefits worth it.

  55. Your story is so inspiring! Congratulations and thank you very much for letting us be a part of it.

    While we would love to change our lives around and do something that fulfills us both – my husband and I seem currently stuck in some odd situation. Having been ‘downsized’ he’s now home watching our two children, while I work full-time expecting our third child… There isn’t that much it seems we can do at this moment, but I know that THAT moment will come. Your story is a testimonial to what IS possible and that is wonderful.

    The world is changing in so many ways, opening so many new opportunities and if we listen to our hearts and become more authentic to who we are, we can achieve beautiful things. Not just for ourselves, but for others too.

    Again: thank you Tara for being an example of a 21 century woman!!!

  56. Congratulations Tara, for standing up for your values, and dreams!
    When I was in my early forties I moved with my second husband and our big family! over the Atlantic, to North America from Europe. Almost everyone we knew thought we were mad, and some made terrrible predictions about the outcome of our choices. Not just how it would harm us but also how terrible the future would be for our children, bla,bla…
    Well, they were wrong. And I now wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying and feeling so fearful. But I am also so very proud of what we have accomplished!
    I wish both of you the very best!X

  57. Wow – it is fantastic that you are in a circumstance to make it happen – we don’t get to practice in this life for the next one – so it’s just best to shape it the way you want now and love it the best way you can.

  58. Thank you Tara. Just when I’m having a moment of self doubt & question what I hope to acheive you send me an email to a link like this and isnpire me to continue with the unconventional life.

    I wish you and your husband whole heaps of luck with this new way of life. My husband quit his job just over two years ago to go to university and it was the best decision we have ever made,he has found his vocation in academia. I hope your husband finds what he is looking for.

  59. first of all. GOOD FOR YOU. this is awesome, for your whole family.

    second, thank you so much for helping me to realize how i might avoid my worst case scenario, which is avoiding the feeling that i could have spent this time better. thanks! truly.

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