Unchaining Creativity: Waking Up to Beauty

beautyI still remember one winter riding the bus, and at one point turning my head to the right. Probably unconsciously drawn by a flash of light, I looked through a gap between two houses, and saw a snow-covered tree set alight by the long rays of the morning sun. I stared transfixed for a few seconds at this spectacular display of beauty in nature, before the bus left it all behind.

It, however, left an imprint on my soul. I wondered how many other people had seen that exquisite vision. A few? One? None? How many times do we miss daily acts of beauty – in nature, people, systems and innovations,  and a greater connection to our inner resources?

For it is our awakening to the beauty around us that puts us in touch with the deeper places within.
– Brian Draper

What spectacular displays of beauty have you experienced lately?

We only ever receive creative ideas and insights in the present moment. Appreciating beauty is an act of mindfulness, it helps us pay attention.


4 thoughts on “Unchaining Creativity: Waking Up to Beauty

  1. This is so true – we’re so busy ‘creating’ that we often forget to be creative! I love this post. Thank you Jayne!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how those moments, when we fully waken to the beauty that surrounds us every day, stay with us forever? One of “those moments” is what inspired me to make photography my living which allows me to practice finding beauty every day! The most recent moment — dust motes dancing in my front hall yesterday as the afternoon sunlight streamed through the transom. I didn’t even reach for my camera (or the vacuum) — I just smiled. Great post. Thanks.

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