Unchaining Creativity: Thirty Ways to Say I’m Sorry

Photo credit: Hanne Dale. Click image for details.
Photo credit: Hanne Dale. Click image for details.

1. I messed up.

2. It was stupid.

3. There’s something I have to tell you.

4. Guilty as charged.

5. What I meant to say was..

6. Just one thing.

7. Never again.

8. I misjudged you.

9. I’m full of remorse.

10. I come bearing gifts.

11. This is for you.

12. I didn’t think.

13. Have you got a moment?

14. Please look me in the eye.

15. One thousand apologies.

16. Mea Culpa.

17. You were right.

18. If I could turn back time.

19. Oops I did it again!

20. Ctrl.Alt.Delete?

21. #pleaseforgiveme

22. Je suis désolé

23. I’m mortified.

24. Is there anything I can do?

25. I took leave of my senses.

26. Start again?

27. Clean slate?

28. New page?

29. My bad.

30. Have you got a spoon? I need to eat some humble pie.

Bearing a grudge drains energy, and carrying guilt saps drive. As we journey deeper into this time of celebration, reflection and new beginnings, may you leave the backpack of unforgiveness behind.

Giving and receiving forgiveness is the fast track to a more creative life.

And just in case you need inspiration for ways to say I love you.

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