two years of giggles. too few kisses. two big brown eyes that are only getting sweeter & smarter. so many hours spent wondering what you’ll be like – how you will grow. two little feet that started as fleshy little balls, now running faster than i can keep up with!

watching toy story two times a day. too difficult to judge what you want to eat for lunch.

too tiny!

two ears that hear but don’t listen. too many toys scattered around the floor. so much love i have given you – too much love left to give.

Happy Birthday, Lola!

{adorable pennant graphics by pugly pixels. get your free download here!}

24 thoughts on “two.

  1. Happy Birthday little Miss Lola!

    Tara, two is the most magnificent age, don’t you agree? My little guy, just turned two last month. I so wish he would stay this age, it’s so adorable. Have fun with little Miss Lola! She sure is a cutie pie.

  2. aw, happy birthday sweet little lola!! what a doll. two is one of my very favourite times. it goes by all too quickly, have fun! [our littles are only a month apart, wish they could meet + play!!]

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