two cents

two cents

this will be a new weekly feature! i’ve always loved the “letters” section in the front of magazines. corrections, kudos, more discussion – love reading what others have to say about the content of my fave mags. in two cents, i’ll feature some of my favorite comments from the week, those that continue the discussion, and those who share new & exciting ideas. this is a great chance for me to give back to you a bit and for others to see what you’re saying!

reaction :: the enlightening bridge between work and art

drawn to letters - rainbow snowflake{rainbow snowflake card by drawntoletters}

As a baby boomer who has worked in the food and fashion industries, taught art & design in colleges and now has a small art/design business, I am just thrilled to see young people become the backbone of the handmade and local living movement. I have a theory that the first generation who experienced mass produced throw away price-points growing up now has a deep human need to make things and see where their stuff comes from again. I am so grateful to the internet for helping us all find each other too! Thank you so much for your thoughtful post…I love your site. (I am an NPR daily fan too.)
–joanne, drawntoletters

joanne makes such a great point. ‘my generation’ grew up to expect things now & cheap. and i think it’s no wonder that that same generation is flocking to slow & well-made. i, too, am grateful for the internet – something that has made life so fast, cheap, and global has allowed us to connect with others interested in a slower, more meaningful pace.

I think it’s such an interesting discussion. I think our societies definition of art is constantly changing and evolving so it’s difficult to put a finger on what art truly is. I would strongly agree that through this huge indie craft movement we are re-forging that connection between “artist” and “consumer”. We are recognizing that our love for cheap, mass produced items have taken a toll on our society and our earth and we are embracing unique, handmade things.

my short reaction to the essay “the enlightening bridge between work & art” had some great comments here and on twitter & facebook. thanks, kayanna & joanne for adding to the discussion!


one sydney road - design blog

I love this idea – such a GREAT way to discover new etsy shops. one of my favorite things to do is to put groupings together of etsy “finds” on my blog, it’s so fun! it amazes me how many creative people are out there. i adore your blog – and i’m glad you started the heart to heart!!
–piper, one sydney road

jan’s heart-to-heart series has been so popular! thanks, piper, for adding your two cents!

scoutie girl’s blogiversary!

small for big

I think I love Scoutie Girl because you are really into the community aspects of blogging, indie businesses, and creativity. I find myself coming back not only for the great product but to admire all the great connections and people who contribute too!
–mari, small for big

thanks, mari! and again, thank you to everyone who entered the blogiversary giveaway. each sweet comment that came into my inbox made my day all over again!

2 thoughts on “two cents

  1. What a clever idea for a weekly post Tara! And I love the title “Two Cents”!
    You are one blogger that I know to introduce your website as a platform for ongoing discussions and place of learning becides featuring great artists. I love what you are doing!

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