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two cents is a weekly post featuring your comments! i’ve always loved the “letters” section in the front of magazines. corrections, kudos, more discussion – love reading what others have to say about the content of my fave mags. in two cents, i’ll feature some of my favorite comments from the week, those that continue the discussion, and those who share new & exciting ideas. this is a great chance for me to give back to you a bit and for others to see what you’re saying!

blog rec :: handmade evolution


Love that print–it’s such a clever juxtaposition. I started buying handmade because I was just so frustrated by the way the things I was buying seemed to wear out so quickly and wanted to have to shop less, but like Amy says, it’s the community that keeps me buying handmade–whether it’s a lovely note from one of my favorite Etsy sellers or actually meeting in person, the *community* has definitely made my life better.
— Jessica Zee, Girly PC

am i successful? by lori

cafe cartolina

Great post Lori!
When I was in my 20’s I knew a few women in their 40s that I was in awe of – they seemed smart and successful and happy. I remember thinking that I wanted to be just like them. These days I go about my daily world still thinking like the 20 year old I was then but occasionally I ‘zoom out’ and observe my life with a wider angle lens and realize that, lo and behold, I have become one of those women that I admired 20 years ago. It’s not something that I think about too much though – I’m so superstitious, I might jinx something!
— Fiona, Cartolina

This is a WONDERFUL post! I’m in my last couple of days working full time, because as of Monday I will be working for myself. It’s scary – but I can’t imagine not giving it a try. Thanks for the great definition. I’ve asked myself a million times what defines success and this is the best I’ve ever seen!
— Gina, The Shabby Chic Cottage

success is… being free!

handmade evolution

Nice job! It can be so rewarding to face your fears. And terrifying of course. I was never afraid of heights or flying as a kid, but after college they really started to freak me out (I think I really realized how mortal I am). So, I signed up for skydiving. It was very freeing and the memory helps me keep things in perspective!
— Lisa, Handmade Evolution

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