two cents

two cents

lots & lots of amazing comments this week! you guys have really kept me on my toes with my goal to reply to all (ok, most) of them. thank you! want to know more about what writing great comments can do for you? check out my post here and it’s follow-up, here.

your comments are truly appreciated. and when a few comments start a conversation? i get all giddy! thank you so much for taking the time to invest a little piece of yourself in scoutie girl. here are a few of my favorite tidbits from this week:

sewing machine pin by neogranny – found through a great comment!

new storque article

Tara, I did what I said, grabbed that hot tea and sat down for some reading. I took notes on what you had to say and once I get my new product line launched, I will hopefully be able to establish more of a brand and eventually participate in a show. I think you are right about building your brand first. I’d love to be someones etsy/blog crush one day! Thank you for all of your tips. And of course love Megan’s blog.
— natalie, love natalie

the art & business of crafting your online self.

Tara, thank you for sharing all of this information! For 2010, I wanted to increase my blog readers and get them to interact more. According to stats, I have lots more readers but so few comment. I’m still trying to find my own niche in blogging, but I do feel that I am on the right track by blogging / sharing what I know, what I like, what I’d like to know, and not try to be something / someone that I’m not. If I continue on that path (and I have since I started blogging), and put more of your tips to work, I think I’ll see more results this year.
— lana, simple joys paperie

Thank you so much for your insight into cyberspace. This medium of communication and social networking is so unfamiliar to me. As I get more involved in it, I find that remembering that you are not just typing words out into the great unknown is easy to loose sight of. The truth is that what you type is as important to who you are- as what you say in person.

Defining a cyberself is another great way to put your best foot forward walking towards the person you want to become, and redefining the person you are.

Thanks for saying it out loud.
— liza, 41park

diving lady necklace by neogranny

outfitting your coffee addiction

In a time when people are trying to curb their coffee addictions, I’m pleased you’re highlighting such excellent coffee swag. A Simon and Garfunkel lyrics paired with coffee art? I’m sold!

bowling girl necklace by neogranny

inspired by alice in wonderland

i loved your blog before but NOW you’ve made my day – wonderful pictures. thank you for making me smile, it’s brought back a very happy childhood memory of a dress my mum made for me when i was about 8 years old, based on alice’s pinafore dress :-)
— vicky, soapstarcanada

Oh these images are so delicious! I never liked the disney version of Alice as a child, and I rediscovered the book in my late teens. Tenniel’s illustrations have such a wonderful weirdness to them that the Disney film just completely missed the spirit of….not so the superbly twisted Burton however! I am drooling with anticipation to get a closer look at the fashion and the environments created for this fantasy of a film. The previews have got my mind simply buzzing with ideas of pretty and fantastic fripperies to make! Thanks so much for sharing these images…I especially adore that first one.
— hope ava, the french mouse

thanks again for all the wonderful comments this week! i’ll see you right back here on monday. don’t forget to be a rockstar this weekend!

7 thoughts on “two cents

  1. wow. these are great comments. Great work Tara for inspiring such thoughtful comments! I really enjoyed reading Liza’s thoughts… I often feel like I’m “just typing words out into the great unknown.” its good inspiration to turn that around- and type and be who really who I am. :) have a great weekend!

    1. thanks, kate! i think that can be the blogger’s fault, too, if you feel like you’re just typing into the ether. and, well, i’ve been that blogger! so i’m really trying to make an effort to build conversation & community in my comments.

      have a great weekend, too!

  2. I love reading comments on my blog, which is probably why I like commenting on blogs too. I do however tend to feel somewhat intrusive when my comment extends beyond all the “hey thats great!”S before me. Perhaps I should alter my perception that adding to a post is rude. It’s funny because I like when people add to my posts.

    1. hey, pixelhazard! no need to feel intrusive at all. i love love love getting great comments, even one’s that share related links or suggestions. it’s so helpful to everyone!

      thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Tara. I’m happy to comment whenever I can. Its good to feel you are not working alone when in reality I always am here in my home studio, alone! Chatting with you guys makes me feel like I’m part of a team.

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