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i’ve shared some more personal writing in the last couple of weeks and i am so thankful for all the lovely comments you’re written. you can check out some of my personal favorites from the last two weeks below:

the art & business of crafting your online self.

pocket carnival illustration blog

This is great. I think the ‘you are what you share’ is possibly the thing that I, along with lots of other crafty bloggers, struggle with. It’s hard to maintain uniqueness in my business, but at the same time it would be nice to be generous with all the info I’ve gathered! Hmm.

— penny, pocket carnival

I really enjoyed this post. Very true – sincerity always strikes the right cord and attracts good things, whether it’s a blog or an online shop. And I understand completely what you mean when you said you felt you lost yourself a bit in working for the “man”. Thank goodness I enjoy my current job but I’ve worked at many since I was 15 (a total job whore, lol) so I really understand. But I also think it’s this very thing that thankfully is contributing to this huge great movement of hard working small indie business owners building relationships together, handmade goods and blogs like yours.
— karyna, paper squid

Thank you for sharing with us at LVC! I was inspired to know that you can definitely make a living without working in a job you hate. I’m graduating in a few months now. I love the internet, I love art, and I love writing. Your career path might be my choice someday as well! Thanks again and good luck with your endeavors.
— kristin, lvc student

handmade solutions :: outfitting your mood

olive mac illustration

Wow – that yellow is just lovely – makes it feel like spring is just around the corner, and hopefully it is! We were still scraping ice of our cars in Scotland this morning! Thanks for the ray of sunshine!
— olive, olivemac

30 seconds with sofia masri

geo grand by daisy janie

These are beautiful!! And Sofia is adorable talking about her work! Woot for a 30-second showcase! Put one of these up every dang day…loved it!
— jan, daisy janie

blog it forward :: what inspires me is you!

sass blog

Beautiful post! I’ll have to do a little link hopping to see if I can get some inspiration from some of yours. :)

And can I just say…YAY to Lola and her little Phillies hat?! I’m all giddy about it. Husband is a Yankees fan and so jealous that I’ve trained the girls to be Philly fans through and through.
— sonya audrey, sass

It is all those human connections that make this worthwhile, right? The photo of your nana made me smile today. Thank you.
— wendy, mireio designs

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