Treat Yourself: The Little Things

Lately, life really seems to have become a pattern. I wake in the morning with a long list of things I need to get done,  and I go to bed with things that have been moved to tomorrow’s list, because there just wasn’t enough time to get to it.

Not enough time.

I find myself saying that often, and sometimes I feel like I’m busy doing so many things that need to get done, that I forget about my wants. I forget to take time for myself, regardless of how little or simple it may seem. But I’ve realized that it’s the best treat, gift, or expression of self care that I can give myself.

I’ve always been big on appreciating the little things, and in the midst of being so busy, they’re the things that ground me, keep me sane, and help me to remember that regardless of what’s on my list, I’ll get through it.

So I’ve been doing things like:

having a cup of my favorite tea

grabbing a notebook and putting pen to paper

letting myself lay in bed for five extra minutes

reading for pleasure a bit before bed

You see, they’re nothing extravagant, but on days where I feel like I’m being suffocated by monotony, they help to break it up, to remind me of purpose, and to keep me  moving forward.

What are the little things that keep you going?

4 thoughts on “Treat Yourself: The Little Things

  1. I think that’s what life’s all about… finding those few minutes of joy within all the other stuff we have to do! I heard once that the goal isn’t to die with a finished to-do list… it’s never going to all get done because a full life brings up more to-dos. I find snipits of time to read, make a cup of tea, or appreciate nature while in the business of everyday life. And art is huge… relieves stress and adds to my happiness!

  2. I have a friend who always says “what would it look like if I did….” whatever it is we’ve been talking about. It gives us both pause to think about how something would look if we did that “thing” and many times it looks quite good. I think we get trapped in our routines and our “ruts” of life and forget to move the tires out of the rut and try flatter ground…just think how smoothly the wheels would go then!

  3. I struggle with the same things. Too much stuff to do, not enough me-time! I like to take the slow train every now and then instead of the fast train. It’ll give me 15 mins extra to spend on reading, dreaming or even snoozing. I also like to treat myself with a nice homemade latte, giving extra attention to make perfect milk froth. It’s in the little things of life!

  4. I know this will sound simply crazy but I found myself sitting on my bed the other night, thoroughly exhausted physically and mentally, just petting my cat. Yes, petting my cat. It occurred to me in my overworked haze that I couldn’t remember the last time I gave my kitty meow-meow some attention, let alone 5 minutes of uninterrupted petting. What I gained was the fact that I need to take a time-out too. For me AND my sanity.

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