Travel With A Partner vs. Solo Travel

My guy and I have been at this travel thing for almost a month now, and quite the month it has been. We have wandered islands by scooter and have seen elephants while driving around. We’ve had to stop for monkey’s to cross the road, and we really have just[Read more]

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Indonesian Satay with Peanut Sauce

Satay (or Sate) originated in East Java, Indonesia. It is well known throughout Indonesia and can be purchased from a traveling satay vendor or restaurants and is also a common staple during traditional celebrations. It is popular in many other countries in Southeast Asia, as well as Suriname and the[Read more]

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The Time Is Now

Last month my post was about change. It was quite vague and all about how change was coming, but not quite yet, and how I felt caught in the middle. I still feel pretty caught in the middle, although the waiting is almost over, and now I can talk about[Read more]

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Gifts for Wanderers Under $50

‘Tis the season for trying so hard to find the perfect gift for those you love most, and then settling on something at the last minute that you’re not completely happy with! (Oh, wait…is that just me?!) If you can relate to this, I’m here to help find the best,[Read more]

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Norwegian Slow TV: Boring or Hilarious Entertainment?

Previously, I introduced you to another part of beautiful Norway, Lillehammer. I was fortunate to spend a glorious 3 1/2 weeks touring Denmark, Norway and Sweden, so I got a taste of the Norwegian way of life. Since I traveled during the summer, it was as they say, “The Land[Read more]

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In Search of the Golden Apple

Recently I went apple picking with my family. It was a beautiful November day, 70 degrees, without a cloud in the sky. The orchard we appreciate most is Carter Mountain Orchard which sits upon a mountain top, with a panoramic view of Charlottesville, the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains of[Read more]

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