Travel With A Partner vs. Solo Travel


My guy and I have been at this travel thing for almost a month now, and quite the month it has been. We have wandered islands by scooter and have seen elephants while driving around. We’ve had to stop for monkey’s to cross the road, and we really have just been winging it. We will be in a place for a bit, will decide it’s time to move on and will start to figure out where we want to venture to next.

The last time I was abroad for more than a week, I was by myself wandering Europe for 16 days. Similar to this trip, I didn’t really plan anything out but just figured it out as I went. I loved that trip because I walked for as long and as far as I wanted, I stopped to eat when I was hungry, made friends with people when I wanted, and kept to myself when that’s what I felt like doing. Solo travel is something I think everyone should try, it makes you feel independent and gets you to enjoy your own company. When you travel alone you get to be selfish and do and see what you like.

However, there is also something to be said for traveling with a partner. What I’m loving most is that there is someone to share in the experiences with me. We just finished up our open water dive certification course, on this beautiful island in Thailand.  I love that as we were underwater venturing around with fish- I had someone to nudge and point out fish to. We then came up from underwater and were able to talk about all the amazing things we had seen. That- that’s something you don’t get when you travel alone. You gather stories and experiences- of course, but you don’t have someone to turn to and say, “Remember the time we wanted a picture, and our snacks almost got stolen by a monkey?” (that really happened).

I can’t say that I like solo travel over travel with a partner, or vice versa, they are just very different experiences. However, I truly think they’re both worth having.

Do you have a travel preference?

One thought on “Travel With A Partner vs. Solo Travel

  1. I really like how you ended this piece. I just got back from a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina that my partner couldn’t join me on. I was bummed to be heading out by myself but it turned into a really nourishing and realigning four days. I came home much more at ease in my own skin AND really happy to see my hunny.

    Like you said, I couldn’t really commit to one or the other for the rest of my life, but I definitely enjoyed traveling alone for a little while.

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