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Merriam Webster’s 10th Edition Collegiate Dictionary gives this as the first definition for “tool”:

tool: noun – a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task

Blegh! I understand the need to differentiate between tools and equipment, but Mr. Webster, this is the digital age and not all tools can be held. Let’s try something a little broader on for size:

tool: noun – a means to an end

Yessssssss! Tools are everywhere – even suspended among lines of code – and everyone uses them. They are the things (and non-things) that let crafters, well, craft.

Amongst ourselves, we craft a million different things in a million different ways. Some tools are all but universal – that is, used in every type of craft (coffee, anyone?). Others are trade specific (I use a seam ripper daily, but have yet to find use for a Dremel) . Some tools are intended for one thing and used for something entirely different (I believe we call this “hacking“).

tools = growth
growth = a need for new tools

It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but, for the most part, tools and growth go hand in hand.  To a new indieprenuer that idea is both exciting and daunting.  I’m a bonafide shopoholic, so imagine my surprise when the idea of buying something left me completely paralyzed. The thing is, my funds are very very limited and I want to make sure I invest in tools that will help propel me forward.

Join me as I discover what tools I really need, which ones I want, and everything I never knew existed.

I’d love your insights. What tools can you not live without? What’s on your wish list?  Your own tool reviews are more than welcome, too!

11 thoughts on “tooling around

  1. I say there’s no such thing as too many tools. The tool I use the most is an 18 volt drill, along with 2 rechargeable batteries, a charging station, and a mammouth set of good drill bits….O.K., and drill tips…and a magnetic drive guide….I actually like an electric drill best, because it never runs out of juice, but I’m not always near an outlet.

  2. One of my favorite tools lately is DropBox. I used to carry a flash drive everywhere, but DropBox makes it easy to keep essential files in the cloud so I can access them at work or at home easily. (Wow, that sounds like an ad, but I really mean it!)
    My other favorite tool is a notebook. So many practical uses and creative possibilities!

  3. other than the tools of my trade (crochet hooks, yarn, needles & thread – all of which can be picked up for a song almost anywhere) my by far most valued tool is actually my Mac. I use it for inspiration, communication, storing or manipulating images, writing & printing copy & projects, marketing… the list goes on. This is quite a revelation for a once complete technophobe and has provided immense growth in me as a creator

    1. What made you choose Mac over PC? I’ve always used a PC, but keep eying Macs. I wish there was a trial program. I’m quickly approaching the time when I can buy a new (and my second ever) laptop, but I’m not sure I want to make the leap, especially since my tech support (read: husband) is more familiar with a PC. Now that I think about it, I’m not even sure we can support both types on our network. Aaaack!

      So, to repeat the actual question(s). Have you always been a Mac and why did you select the one you currently use?

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