tooling around: unlikely adventures require unlikely tools

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I just watched a movie. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Mind: blown.

Let’s take this little bit o’ script referring to a wooden cube Mr. Magorium gifted Mahoney, the young, “stuck” manager of his wonder emporium.

Mr. Magorium: That’s why I gave you the Congreve Cube.

Molly Mahoney: But it just sits there.

Mr. Magorium: What have you done with it?

Molly Mahoney: I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a block of wood.

Mr. Magorium: Can you think of nothing?

Molly Mahoney: Well, I’m sure I could think of a million things to do with it.

Mr. Magorium: There are a million things one might do with a block of wood, but, Mahoney, what do you think might happen if someone just once…believed in it?

Maybe it is just a block of wood. But it doesn't have to be.

Did you feel that? That was some spark inside of me re-igniting. Maybe you also found some hidden sparkle inside yourself just now, but I’m going to go ahead and focus on me. See, for the last several months I’ve turned into what Molly Mahoney calls a “just guy.”

I’m just a girl…I just have a sewing machine…it is just another day.

But Sunday, I got myself a Congreve cube – metaphorically speaking – because I don’t want to have any more just another days. I don’t even want to have just a business.

I want to have an adventure. An unlikely adventure, even.

And “unlikely adventures call for unlikely tools.” No, it doesn’t make any sense for a garter designer/advocate for female fabulousness to keep a block of wood about. But it does make sense for said garter designer/advocate to believe in something. I believe I needed a reminder.

I am a girl! with a passion! and a sewing machine! Together we make magic because I BELIEVE we can make magic, me and my passion and my machine. And today is another day! for magic to happen!

Within your comfort zone, a wooden cube is just a block of wood; a blog feature about tools is an unusual place to talk about woo woo magic stuff; a girl like me has very little use for a cube-shaped piece of wood. But what if, for a second, we pick up something for which we have very little use and ask, “What would happen if, just once, I believed in this thing?”

Now, go look in the mirror. And ask the person you see there, “What would happen if, just once, I believed in this thing?”

Do you know what you have? You just scored yourself one hell of an important tool.

Now, go make magic.

6 thoughts on “tooling around: unlikely adventures require unlikely tools

  1. Love this post! I needed to hear this! Let the creativity begin and adventures begin. :) Time to get myself a block o’ wood too. A constant reminder to believe in myself and my work!
    Thanks for sharing Janice!

  2. you guys, you are killing me! Thank you so so much for your kind words. I’d love to have you check back in and tell me what having a Congreve Cube has inspired you to do. So far, my cube has inspired/clarified one of my missions: loving your body makes your body lovely. Off to spread the word!

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