Tooling Around: Stop, In the Name of Love

My darlings, we need to talk.

First, you need to know it isn’t you; it’s me.

I hope we can still be friends. If not now, then in the future. Perhaps we’ll even find ourselves together again. Who knows.

Sometimes, the most powerful tool you have is the word “no.”

If you say “yes” to everything you prioritize nothing, and, without priorities, your business cannot become the very thing you most want it to be.

Via Jones Design Company. Click image for details.

I do not have the time or energy to make Tooling Around everything I want it. Honestly, you deserve better. The team of Scoutie Girl writers so carefully selected by Tara Gentile and Carrie Keplinger can give you more of what you need right now. I must, therefore, step down and leave you in their capable hands. I plan to stop by every now and then, if you’ll have me.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with some of my favorite tools: websites. Many of these are my go-to sites before I ever start writing a post. I think you’ll like them, too.

For the stitchers:

  3. (I adore the posts on fabrics).

For the sketchers and the painters:


For the renovators:


For the floriculture lovers:

  1. (Look at every single Working Designer Wednesday post).

For the crafters:


For the bakers:


For the writers:


For you all:

  2. (The place for inspiration, tutorials, and losing track of time).

Darlings, I’m so glad to have had you in my life. Thank you for welcoming me into your hearts, homes, and internet browsers. I’ll miss you when I’m busy tooling around in my studio.

But for now, I must say…

Via Piccsy. Click on image for details.

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