Tooling Around: Happy Birthday, Blender!

Ink and watercolour on paper by Marc Johns. Click image for details.

Five years, a gazillion smoothies, a squillion green soups (doesn’t matter what else I put in them they always turn green because of the spinach), and a billion (okay I’m stretching it) other delights like spelt pancakes, banana ice-cream and chickpea houmous, and my trusty blender has proven itself a life-long (five years equals life-long in this social media age) friend and supporter of my Bold Art life and my emerging and burgeoning creativity.

I’d been rummaging around in a drawer for something else, and found the delivery note in the accompanying recipe book (as you do) for my Blendtec high speed home ┬áblender, arch rival to the Vitamix (grrr), and realised that deux ans was actually cinq. I thought I’d bought this – quite literal- whizkid two years ago. This is where I insert some proverb about ‘time flying’ and ‘having fun’.

It got me to thinking how at the time it was a ‘big’ purchase for something that was going in the kitchen even with the introductory offer. But am I glad I shelled out.

Not only is it hugely fun pulverising and whirring all manner of ingredients, the whizkid also helps keep me nourished with minimum fuss. I cannot imagine what I’d do if I had to chew all the greens I get through in a week. My blender helps me maximise the amount of time I spend learning, creating, and relating rather than chopping, chewing, and stewing. It is hands down one of the best buys of my life.

It even helped me feel wealthy when I went through a period of not having two pennies to rub together. There is something that bolsters your feelings of self-worth and sufficiency when you can feed yourself well by simply blending some pears with some spinach, cinnamon, and water. As we well know, “eat junk, feel like junk,” and then it’s the fast train to no-hope town and the island of dying dreams.

Who would have thought it? My high speed blender up there with pen and paper (allowing me to scribble this post on the run, phew) and camera as one of my creative lifestyle tools.

Which tools support your creative life?

Any surprises? Hidden gems? Any bought with great expectations but spectacularly failed to deliver?

4 thoughts on “Tooling Around: Happy Birthday, Blender!

  1. Love this post, perfect timing as I’m researching to find the right blender to order today. Do you mind sharing which Vitamix you use?

    I agree, my blenders/food processors are AMAZING tools for helping me prep healthy raw meals with minimum fuss WAY ahead of time so I can spend more time working and cleaning!

    1. Thanks Van.
      I use a Blendtech home blender bought here in the UK. You might want to check out the greensmoothiegirl blog where there’s a post comparing the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I won’t tell you which one came out tops!

  2. I heart my Blendtec! fresh salsa and hummus, homemade fresh pasta sauce, pineapple basil smoothies, to strawberry raw honey sorbet…yum yum yum!!! These are some of my favs. Thinking about buying another jug so I can always have one on hand. However, I’d likely use both and have to clean both to use them again in any given day!

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