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Heading out west to meet the dynamic duo of Brett and Crystal of Tomte.  Not only are they the owners of a fantastic handmade brick and mortar, they are also true pioneers of the craft movement in their community.

Brett and I had been successfully selling our personal line, Vital Industries, on Etsy since 2007. Etsy of course is wonderful, and has greatly contributed to where we are today. The online community and supporters as a whole are great, but the internet is a big place.  Not all makers are able to find their way around successfully. We created Tomte as a way for artisans to tap into the local community.

We figured out how to make vending online successful out of necessity.  We didn’t have access to good local resources for selling and interacting with the crafty community. Because of this we also founded the Denver Handmade Alliance, which focuses on building and educating the local community about handmade opportunities.

Sharing the knowledge we have gained over the years is a passion of ours.  Because of that, one of the most important reasons for having Tomte is to provide budding entrepreneurs access and guidance for selling their handmade goods. We enjoy working with people to fine tune their product and help get the word out that great handmade goods exist. We want our customers know that purchasing from our store goes directly to supporting an (often local) artist or maker.

The most exciting part of handmade is the story behind the products. We love sharing these stories, and love helping the local community to gain appreciation of each unique story.  A purchase of a handmade good helps to support someone doing what they love. It also creates richer and more varied places.


vital industries
murderous honey
lucky me beads

Tomte. Modern Craft
1644 Platte Street – Denver CO
Phone – 303.717.0371
Monday – Saturday 11-6
Sunday 12-5

5 thoughts on “best of the bricks – tomte in denver, co

  1. What a lovely shop – I just love that they work with artists. I would love to be able to do the same. And I have to say I’m in LOVE with those necklaces!!

  2. Brett & Crystal are the real deal! So supportive of fellow crafters & artists, and I’m thrilled to see their lovely shop featured here.

  3. Greetings,

    I must say I love your work! I would like to invite you to be a vendor at the Aurora Arts Festival June 9th 2012 from 10am-6pm. This years theme is “things from the Earth”. The festival is located in Fletcher Plaza in Old town Aurora. We anticipate 800-1000 people. I really think your stuff would be a great addition let me know if you would be interested in this opportunity.

    Bliss Reimers

  4. Can you please be so kind as to remove my post^^^ I was unaware that you can google my phone number and name and it comes up to your site. For safety please remove it for me thank you


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