toe-worthy :: spring totes from rennes

rennes - cream tote bag

look! look! do you see?

her toes! you can see her toes!

these fresh tote bags are definitely toe-worthy. nothing says spring like a big bag that fits a pair of flip flops, a book for random stops to read in the sun at the park, and maybe – just maybe – a swimsuit. who cares that your goodies get a bit jumbled on the bottom when, instead of mittens, you’re looking for sunglasses, sunscreen, and nail polish to paint your toe nails.

these truly fab – and huge! – totes are from rennes. i love the clean look of each bag. the material reminds you of spring & summer locations. and the shapes are practical & pretty.

rennes - designer spring tote bags

julia, the designer – with a bfa specializing in iconographic painting & the history of art – behind rennes, says, “Everything is handmade by me in a small studio in Boston, with special emphasis placed on simplicity, functionality, and natural materials.”

check out the rest of her spring collection (including that springy little dress!) on the rennes website.

4 thoughts on “toe-worthy :: spring totes from rennes

    1. i know, courtney! when those bags landed in my inbox it was like a cool beach breeze blew through my house 😉

    1. me too! it’s actually the same dress – reversible! i think maybe all dresses should be reversible 😉

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