time traveler’s wife :: photography by jenni holma

black & white girl photograph by jenni penni

the time traveler’s wife was a life-changing book for me. not in a philosophical or existential way… it just forever raised the bar for me on how beautifully crafted a story could be. the author, audrey niffenegger, masterfully combines a story that is so achingly real with a situation that is utterly fantastical. like all good fantasy, it takes a story everyone can relate to & heightens every aspect of it with a bit of the impossible.

green grass with shadows by jenni penni

but the time traveler’s wife doesn’t just leave you in wonder – it pulls and twists and squeezes your heart until you have no more to give to the book – you can only take it in. i think i pretty much cried the whole last third of the book.

trapped by jenni holma

ever since i heard the announcement that the time traveler’s wife had finally been cast & shooting would begin, i couldn’t wait to see the movie. waiting…waiting. then it came out… but what if it wasn’t good? what if it was lacking? ack. confusion.

so, i didn’t see it in the theatres. it finally came out on dvd and i watched it saturday night in the few short hours i actually closed my laptop this weekend. while the film could never fully match the excellence of the book (i’m always prepared for that, no ridiculous expectations here) i found it to be quite beautiful and, for me, the imagery was spot on.

the meadow… the characters… the interiors…

woman & life by jenni penni

so after i finished crying (thank goodness it was only for about 45 minutes this time…) i opened my laptop back up and went to surf for this week’s inspiration on etsy. lo and behold the front page led me to a shop who’s photography mimicked the very imagery i had just immersed myself in for 2 hours.

so, i simply had to share! you must go visit the photography shop of jenni holma – she’s just 21, a student in finland. so lovely.

and welcome back to scoutie girl – you’re in for a great week!

please note: the links to the book take you to powells, a huge independently owned bookstore based in portland, oregon. they are affiliate links – a girl’s gotta eat, right?

14 thoughts on “time traveler’s wife :: photography by jenni holma

  1. That book was so achingly beautiful and I cried through so much of it that I haven’t had the courage to watch the movie yet. Thank you for this beautiful post!

  2. What beautiful photos! They really do capture the feeling of the book well. I too cried through the last third of the book, and it is on my top 5 books of all time list. So wonderfully told. Like Kayanna, I haven’t had the courage to watch the movie yet either. I think I’ll move it up in my queue now, though, after reading your take on it.

  3. That book was on my mind for weeks after reading it. You’re right these pics remind me of it – so many images of meadows in my head it makes me long for SPRING.
    And that hair shot? Now I can’t wait for Birdie’s hair to grow longer … I want my own version of that pic 😉

    1. hi, mari! yes, it’s the kind of book that just sticks with you. i actually chose an excerpt from it for the only reading at our wedding.

      have a great monday!

  4. Beautiful! My husband and I rented that movie this weekend but have not watched it yet. Now, I can’t wait! I’ll be getting a new box of tissues for the occasion.

    1. hi courtney! you’ll definitely want your own special box of tissues for this. and maybe get a box for your hubby too 😉

      thanks for stopping by!

  5. Aww, thank you so much for featuring my photos!

    I rented the movie a while ago. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest but was quite surprised by how emotional and aching the story actually was. Tissues definitely needed. It seems like I should read the book too?

  6. Hey Tara – The Time Traveller’s Wife has been on my list of top ten favourite books since I read it a year or two(?) ago. Yet to see the movie, but its sitting on my coffee table, soooo, a screening is eminent. If you love imagery and language, may I suggest another of my favourites? Another book I loved equally as much was Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Talk about beautiful language. If you haven’t read it, look it up! I hope you’ll be glad you did.


    1. I LOVED The Shadow of the Wind. I used to manage a Borders and ALL of us read it one at a time and were each blown away. I actually read it & listened to it on audio – the audio version is fantastic. Such a book lover’s book.

      I was actually going to post a round up of things that reminded me of that book tomorrow because I think it an Time Traveler’s Wife are so intertwined in my mind.

  7. Oh- I sobbed at the end of that book, and I really want to see the movie, but I know I’m going to cry during that too. Heck, I cried trying to explain it to my husband…and I read that the year it came out.

  8. You have given me so many good books to read over the years. This was definitely one of my favorites ….. and of course, there was the Historian, one of the best summer reads, ever! I may have to revisit that one this year. ((hugs)) momma

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