Thrifted Thoughts: X-Base Table

I’m a big believer in owning a number of versatile pieces that can move from room to room to serve a variety of functions.

Not only does this allow you to USE your furniture more but constantly mixing things up keeps your home looking fresh.

When I spotted this x-base table, it occurred to me how versatile this piece could be with a simple makeover.

As a table, it really only serves one purpose, and while the legs are beautifully carved, the top leaves something to be desired.

The solution? Turn that bad-boy into a bench!

With a little foam, some batting for cushiness, and some graphic fabric, this x-base can be reupholstered, taking it from ho-hum table to hot-damn!

Introducing a bold, graphic print will liven up the look, but if you’re going for versatility, keep the colour neutral so that it can seamlessly move from room to room.

This Tribal Peacock print in warm grey fits the bill perfectly!

Now, you’ve got a piece that can work as a seat in your entryway, that could be tucked neatly under a console table, as an ottoman in your living room, or as an extra seat when entertaining. The list goes on!

Do you own any furniture that could benefit from a makeover, transforming it into a more functional AND beautiful piece?

2 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: X-Base Table

  1. Love the idea. I love going to garage sales or Goodwill or Thrift shops with the intent of finding something that I can refurbish into something. My sisters use to always visit and say, “I love that, where did you get it?” and then they’d say, “oh, right garage sale” and that I decorated in Early Garage sale!. Lately I have let down, but am back to scouting out finds. Love the table to bench idea.

    I would love to feature your things on my Peabea’s Craft Patch ( as a guest crafter if you don’t mind with links to your site using some of your postings or maybe you could do a guest posting. I’m just starting to build my site and have showcased only 1 so far. If you know of anyone that would love to be a guest crafter, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks…
    Love your site and ideas.


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