Thrifted Thoughts: Vintage Patio Set

Well, it’s that time of year, my friends! Our thoughts have turned to creating inviting outdoor spaces so that we can enjoy spending more time outside.

At the Aberfoyle Spring Special Antique Show a few weeks back, I snapped a photo of this vintage patio set because I knew it had so much potential to become the foundation for a stunning outdoor room.

I love the wire frame and curvy shape. It just needs a little freshening up!

You’ve got two options here…

Both options require new cushions, upholstered in an outdoor fabric, but you can create two very different looks in the way you handle the existing frame.

Option 1: For a light and airy look, keep the existing frame white and just give it a good cleaning. Have a custom cushion made for the sofa and the chair in a soft, summery, yet graphic fabric like Swizzle in French Lilac from Perennials.

Option 2: To create a more dramatic look, the existing frame could be spray painted black. Then, just like in option 1, two cushions could be custom-made and upholstered in a high-contrast, graphic fabric, like Soho in Sorbet from Designer Fabrics.

There you have it… One vintage patio set + One of two different styling options = A one-of-a-kind, show-stopping outdoor room set!

Have you ever considered buying vintage outdoor furniture?

11 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Vintage Patio Set

  1. That’s a beautiful set with lots of potential. I have been searching for weeks for the right vintage outdoor furniture to redo. Nothing has made sweet love to my eyes yet. I try to practice patience, which is terribly hard. I believe the right piece of furniture will come in time.

    Fostering furniture until you find adoptive furniture is sometimes a good idea as long as it is quality furniture that will find it’s way to good home and not the landfill.

    I have found lots of great pieces online but none in Texas. Off to craigslist & freecycle I go. Wish me luck!

  2. Great find, Lia! I like both of your options, but I also think these would look great painted a fun color – like a mid-century orange. I would probably find an indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric which looks and feels like a natural woven.

  3. I only buy second hand outdoor furniture. It’s so much fun and if it dies or is ruined you don’t feel bad. You also have the added goodness of buying something recycled.

    I love the outdoor set white. I imagine lots of white patterned cushions with bright colors.

  4. Love the lines! I can imagine them painted a mid-century red, with a cream colored cushion sporting black welting. Or maybe the bench could be light blue, and the chair lime green, and the cushions could be in an over sized floral print with both colors in it. Hmmmm…

  5. Well a furniture set like that sat in my family’s backyard back in the 70’s. Our cushions were green and orange flowers, if I recall right. That set can also be seen in outside scenes of “That 70’s show”. It is very comfortable! I loved rocking in the chairs.

    I would keep it white. And use really comfortable cushions. And make many memories.

  6. Love the lines too on this amazing outdoor furniture Lia- and all the responses and comments inspire me…there’s a similar set being sold nearby and I never checked the price of it…. I just might go and check it out.

  7. Hi, I actually just bought this exact set…(craigs list in Tucson) well sort of…mine came with the large glider and 2 of the round tables which are adjustable in height and then there was a lounger, I am going to try and attach a picture of it. Then yesterday I found the chair in your picture as well as a love seat size glider, that set came with a small square table. May I ask what they were asking for it where you were at? I am also curious as to it’s age and name of the set. I found a picture of the lounger on ebay and this is the link to it.
    Thanks Kathy

  8. I have 2 chairs 2 tables and a couch in this same wireframe.
    I want to sell it. If you could be so kind as to tell me the best way to market these pieces. They have to be 35+ yrs old because they were my grandmothers when I was 25. Im 60 now! They are in very good conditiion, but they are painted a coral color now. I would appreciated any help you could give me.

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