Thrifted Thoughts: Tray Table

Ah, the tray table… Its classic lines will never go out of style.

This one was in near perfect condition and could easily blend into your décor in an instant. But, if one was so inclined, they could take this table to the next level since it lends itself to many other crafty DIY ideas.

Right of the bat, decoupage comes to mind. But you could also use fabric, pressed under glass. A mosaic of mirrors would be stunning laid in a herringbone pattern, so long as each piece had a clean, beveled edge.

But, my favorite idea for adding a little drama to this classic table: Tile!

I’m not talking ordinary tile. I’m talking art tile. And where is one to head when in need of art tile? Why, Ann Sacks of course!

Keep it modern by installing a graphic, starburst tile mural, like Jimi in colourway 5 by Angela Adams.

With a few square feet of stunning tile and an afternoon of your time, you could transform this table into an eclectic, one-of-a-kind piece!

Next comes the issue of where to show off your creation.

Because a table this size is so versatile, you could use it as a coffee table in front of a small sofa, or as a side table beside a deep, low sofa. Try it as a bedside table or an indoor/outdoor occasional table. Perfect for enclosed porches!

The tile will create a durable surface, making it into the perfect place to set a drink, regardless of what room in ends up in!

What would you do to up the awesome factor of a classic table like this?

7 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Tray Table

  1. Oh, the possibilities are endless, aren’t they? I think it would be cool to: paint it, take some maps and modge-podge them into the inset, get a piece of glass cut to fit it, then use it as a travel scrapbook table. You can add or change pictures, brochures, postcards, etc. from your latest travels as you wish. Or do the same thing for kids’ artwork/school work. My daughter would dig that!

  2. Old black & white family photos underneath glass or pressed botanicals with some colored wood stain. Stained wine corks! Copper leaf finished with a glaze & glass on top…

  3. I had never heard of Ann Sacks! Thank you for my new obsession! At first I was going to suggest antique linens under glass. My grandmother made beautiful embroidered table cloths BY HAND! But then I read Sierra Arden’s suggestion and was smitten with the idea of black and white family photos. THEN I read Rachael Brooke Winkley’s suggestion and immediately thought of how great it would look to have an older map of Greece paired with this great 1970-something photo of my dad at the Parthenon. So…many…options!

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