Thrifted Thoughts – Telephone Table

Do you ever wonder what to do with retro pieces that don’t really serve a purpose in today’s lifestyle?

Take this telephone table, for example…

We are no longer bound to one location when talking on the phone. Most of us use our cordless telephones or even our cell phones around the house.

A piece like this can still be super-functional, especially in a small space.

I picture it in an entryway, doing double-duty as a console table and seating. It offers you a place to set down the mail, your keys and your purse, while also providing seating for putting on your shoes.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find one like this, that is solid wood (as opposed to laminate) and is in near perfect condition. Being able to keep the existing wood, as-is, cuts down on your makeover budget.

All you really need now is some fabric and 20 minutes to recover the seat and give this piece a new lease on life!

To liven it up and add a little drama to the entryway, introduce a bold, graphic fabric. Any of these gorgeous fabrics would do the trick.

And there you have it: An outdated piece now has a new function, a new look, and a new home in today’s lifestyle!

How would you revamp a retro find like this one?

8 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts – Telephone Table

  1. I like the nightstand idea. Pile books on the seat. Lamp and alarm clock on top, water bottle and tissue box inside. If you or someone you love uses a CPAP machine to stop snoring at night, the cubby would be perfect for that. Drill the back for cords.

    Or, put it out on the covered back porch and stash a needlework project in there. Pull up a second chair for a guest, and we both have a place for our drinks. Talk and sew.

    I found an sturdy old school seat with attached desk in an attic. It has a drawer in the side to stash my stuff, so I am making a journaling nook out of it.

  2. I’d definitely use it on the entryway. Our home has a “no shoe” policy, and so we have a small bench there, but it would always end up covered with junk mail! (and my purse, I recognize that) This one would be perfect for both tasks, if only I had an entryway wide enough. I’ll make a note in my head in case some day I can use something like that.
    Oh and definitely some fun new fabric and maybe lightening the color of the wood, unless that’s the natural color of course. And if it was laminate, I’d just paint it red or some other bright color. Welcoming happiness!

  3. Think I’d keep it as a telephone table, as we’re not that into cellphones or any other mobile technology in our household. Husband regards the computer as dangerous – and he has a malign influence on it if he’s every anywhere near it.

    We have a friend who is a furniture restorer, so I’d give her some work, and then I’d polish it up – am just capable of doing that! After that I’d leave it, because I suspect the cushion would be part of the restoration!

  4. My cats would LOVE it! I would put a wicker basket on the chair, lined with something soft and they could cuddle up in the basket or in the cubbyhole. Gee, do you think my cats are a little spoiled?

  5. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one of these for about a year now. That’s a great piece, in much better condition than some of the ones I’ve come across. Funny thing, my mom actually called it a “gossip bench” the first time we saw one in an antique store.

  6. I would leave it more or less as it is and use it as a Large(r) Plant table.

    I love my huge houseplants, but those which haven’t yet reached the ceiling need a lovely display spot too. That’s a lovely thing.

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