Thrifted Thoughts: Sleek Dressing Table

There are so many reasons to love this dressing table! Its simple, clean lines, multiple levels and lack of mirror are its best features.

When you remove the original mirror from a vintage dressing table, you automatically modernize it.

Replacing the attached mirror with one that is mounted onto the wall or leans against it creates a much more current look.

The wood needs some refreshing, but is in great shape. I would suggest keeping it, for the most part, anyway.

These days, I’m all about the balance between natural wood and painted surfaces. The fact that this piece has flat surfaces combined with its lack of ornamentation lends itself perfectly to having a little bit of both.

In order to preserve the character that’s been accumulated naturally over the years, I wouldn’t suggest sanding and refinishing the wood completely, just freshening it up.

Think of it as exfoliation for furniture.

Use some gentle soap, water, and steel wool to scrub the years of dirt and scratches away. Then, after letting it dry completely, bring it back to life with a little teak oil.

The rectangular hardware is fantastic! It’s made even more interesting by the way a pyramid effect is created as each piece gets larger as the drawers continue downward.

The aged, gold finish of the hardware, however, isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

The solution? Painted drawers!

If the majority of the piece is left as natural wood, but only the drawers are painted with a fresh coat of black paint, the gold hardware will really pop.

Distressing the paint finish on the drawers slightly with steel wool and a little dab of furniture polish will keep the look from becoming too harsh and add a subtle, glowing sheen… Very sophisticated and ultra-sexy!

Did this inspire you to take on a makeover project blending natural wood with painted surfaces? Share your thoughts in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Sleek Dressing Table

  1. I really enjoy these posts. I am moving into a new place soon, and would like to try a few projects. Loved the tip about removing the mirror—I have never thought about that!

  2. Thanks for sharing the projects. It’s amazing what can be recreated from thrift and roadside finds! I recently blended acrylics and stain to redo an old children’s desk and converted it into a vanity. My fav redo though is converting an old dresser and making it into a kitchen island. Will you be sharing any pics of finished pieces?

  3. I love these posts. I just recently gathered up some great furniture pieces that I found at local thrift stores, or in my grandparents basement. I’m going to spend the spring and summer revamping them to be used lovingly in our home. Thanks for the inspiration. I did use this idea for a desk I’m repainting. I painted the entire desk, but left the table top in it’s natural state. I like the character and contrast that it brought to the piece.

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