Thrifted Thoughts: Shallow Bookcase

Are you a show-er or a stow-er?

A show-er is someone who loves to see everything. They prefer open storage and need all of their belongings on display.

A stow-er is someone who prefers to have everything neatly tucked away behind doors & drawers.  They need their space to be free of visual clutter.

When I came across this bookcase at a local reuse centre, the show-er in me lit up with ideas of how it could be made over to function in a variety of different ways.

Option One – Small Scale Vignette

My first thought was how great this piece would work in a small entryway. The shelves would be a perfect place to drop the mail, keys, mitts & hats. Small baskets could be used to keep everything organized. You could even set up a pretty charging station for phones & iPods using a decorative box.

With a little freshening up, you could leave it as natural wood or you could paint it out the same colour as your trim to create the look of a built-in cabinet.

Either way, once topped with an interesting mirror, a vase or bowl and maybe a few books, you’ve got yourself a beautiful vignette to feast your eyes on every time you come home.

Option Two – Kid Friendly

Now, I don’t have kids, but as I understand from my friends & clients, their toys & books can quickly take over your home if you haven’t got useful storage solutions in place.

A shallow bookcase, like this one, could be a functional solution to those storage concerns, but also be made stylish & fun with a little makeover magic.

Leaving the interior of the bookcase as natural wood and applying a few coats of chalkboard paint to the outer sides & top would create a bold contrast of matte black & wood, while also providing a fun place for your kiddies to express their artistic side on an ever-changing canvas.

Option Three – Functional Statement Piece

Bring a little bold colour & pattern to your home office, studio or craft room by painting the entire piece out in a bold colour. Add an extra little something special by applying graphic wallpaper to the interior behind the shelves.

There you have it! Three totally different ways to bring a little vintage storage into your home!

How would you use this piece?

2 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Shallow Bookcase

  1. Show-er! I love a good bookshelf and frequently use them as a statement piece. I like the shape and size and natural grain on the one you found, and it might be fun partially painted (like only on the shelves, or just on the whole inside to leave the outside natural… or vice versa).

  2. I had a bookcase VERY similar to this one, it was perfect for storing Odd Sized Books, Record albums(yes I still have a turntable) and other things that needed an unusual size storage spot, I really miss that bookcase!

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