Thrifted Thoughts: Plant Stand

Like we’ve discussed in past posts, a big part of restyling is repurposing. So, when I saw this retro plant stand, it seemed to me that it might function better as a fancy shmancy ice bucket stand.

The architectural detailing is gorgeous and it’s just the right height for sitting tableside in your dining room.

As you’ll notice from the photo, it’s seen better days.

The fix? A light sanding, a little bit of wood filler, plus a coat of glossy spray paint will completely transform this piece from ghastly to glam.

It’s small enough that you could paint it out in a bold accent colour to really make a statement, without overpowering the room.

But, if you want a long-term return on your restyling effort, go for a neutral colour, like white, cream, grey or black, to ensure it blends with your décor for the long haul.

Add a glass or stainless steel ice bucket to the top and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind conversation piece for your next dinner or cocktail party!

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