Thrifted Thoughts: Petite End Table

Wooden end tables are a dime a dozen at thrift stores. The trick is finding one that has a little something special.

I found this end table at a reuse centre in a neighboring city. It’s special because the feet are set on the diagonal and the hardware is not only shapely, but also has a lovely patina.

Let’s talk scale.

It’s pretty tiny for a bedside table, unless your bed is low and your space is small. So, where else could you use it? It would be a great option for a child’s bedroom. But, I envision it cozied up to an upholstered lounge chair in a quiet reading nook.

It’s the perfect height for setting down a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and getting comfy with a good book or, if you’re like me, a stack of design magazines.

Maybe I’ve got a little case of Spring fever, but to me, it screams “GREEN”! A few coats of fresh, green paint would look so regal against the time worn handles and provide a little pop of colour to a forgotten corner. ICI’s Market Green 30GY 21/429 would fit the bill perfectly.

If you prefer the look of wood, you can up the sophistication factor by finishing it in a rich, dark stain. Applying a thin layer of beeswax furniture polish over top would provide protection, but also offer a subtle sheen.

Either way, I’d include a little treat inside the door and drawer. Line the bottoms with a bold, graphic paper to freshen up the inside. I’m feeling this hydrangea gift wrap from Snow & Graham.

Gift wrap is a budget-friendly drawer lining solution, but does come with some challenges. It’s usually quite thin, making it a bit of a nightmare to decoupage into the drawers. I’d suggest using double sided tape instead. This way, you’re free to change it up if you tire of the pattern.

So, let’s tally the cost.

One thrifted find, $19.99
+ One quart of paint, $20.00
+ One small container of beeswax furniture polish, $7.95
+ Two sheets of gift wrap, $6.50
= One refreshed end table with loads of personality for a grand total of $54.44

That’s a steal!

Like my ideas? Why not check out my ever-changing Furniture Orphanage to see if there’s a piece in my current stock that you’d like made over to perfectly suit you?

4 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Petite End Table

  1. It’s a gorgeous find! I normally to paint EVERYTHING in bright colors, but I’d wait on this one. Live with it for a bit, let IT tell me what it wants to be. But I’m a crazy thrifted-item whisperer like that…

  2. I would love to see the “After” picture of this end table. I’m currently working on a project like this, and I desperately need some inspiration!

    Carrie Melissa

  3. I love your ideas for this! Having little surprises in drawers or as shelf liners is one of my absolute favorite things! Will you share with us the final product when you’re done? :)

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