Thrifted Thoughts: Ornate Sideboard

Pieces in disrepair often get passed by because buyers assume that the fixes will be much scarier than they really are.

Take, for instance, this sideboard.

The top is badly gouged and chipped. One of the doors is falling off and it’s missing all of its hardware. To me, this is the perfect candidate for a painted makeover, because of all these issues.

The top can be fixed with wood filler and a good sanding. The door just needs a new set of hinges.

Hint: Mount the hinges in a new location so that they have fresh wood to “bite” into. Then fill the old holes with wood filler.

The lack of hardware is the best part. This allows you to choose something that really suits your makeover.

I’ve been dying to try out the idea of painting a piece in only one colour.

I can’t remember where I first saw the idea, but it looked amazing when finished. Everything, from the outside of the piec, to the interior of the piece to the hardware, was painted out in the same colour. The completed look was so chic and sophisticated. To recreate it, the best place to start is with the hardware.

Most reuse centers have a hardware section. Knobs & handles usually sell for next to nothing!

For this piece, I would choose something metal that is ornate with lots of interesting details.

Because the piece will be lacking in colour contrast and pattern, the more interesting the hardware, the more interesting the finished piece will be.

You could paint this piece out in white, black or any bold, statement colour that suits your décor. I’m picturing it finished in a deep, rich, navy blue.

Before installing the new hardware, choose your colour.  The metal hardware will have to be spray painted. Since there are only a handful of spray paint colours on the market, compared to the thousands of latex paint colours, you’ll want to choose your spray paint colour first and then pick your latex paint colour to match.

Don’t forget to keep the sheen finish the same for both types of paint. If you choose a satin finish spray paint, you should also select satin finish latex.

Once the entire piece is painted out and the newly finished hardware is installed, I guarantee you’ll be in love with your new, modern classic!

What are your thoughts on this one-tone idea?

10 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Ornate Sideboard

  1. This side board has lovely lines, I love the turned feet and curvy bottom!

    Navy blue would definitely be neat – as would a steel blue.

    I have been looking at hand sanders to do something similar to several pieces I dare paint in my home. Do you have a recommendation Lia for one’s that are girly enough yet strong enough to do the job quickly? I’ve been checking a few out, but am clueless to what might be best.

  2. This piece is exactly like one I picked up at a yard sale several years ago. Mine is in much better shape but still in need of reconditioning. I have often wondered about the age and origin of my acquisition as there are no markings of any kind on the furniture. Is there any info at all you would be willing to pass along about your piece. The claim by the seller was that it is 100+ years old. Thanks.

  3. Hi Leah – I use a DEWALT orbital sander with pads that attach with velcro. I really like it because it hovers and doesn’t require a lot of force.

    Hi Roy – It’s possible that yours is a true antique and is 100+ years old. I’m not sure about the one pictured above, but I had another that I worked on and the dealer I bought it from told be it was only from the 50’s… So, it’s hard to say either way.

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  5. I have always been a fan of natural wood but I know the trends are to paint everything. I am just happy to hear you were not thinking white.

    Something else I have seen that could be nice for this piece is to paint the inside (or prominent areas of the inside, back wall, door insides) a lighter shade or accent color. The lighter color makes it easier to see inside and makes a statement when the doors are open.

    Great idea about checking out Restore or Habitat store for hardware of different looks.

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