Thrifted Thoughts: Industrial Stool

Sometimes seeing the new in the old isn’t about how the item itself can be altered, but how the space in which it resides can be altered to complement it.

This gorgeous, industrial stool was perched proudly atop a table in the front window of an antique furniture store.

It’s so beautiful, as-is, that nothing need be done to improve it. But, if you live in a newer home with newer furnishings, it might look out of place in your current space.

So, how then, can you make it feel at home? Just introduce a few hits of other vintage, timeworn treasures into your space as well. Don’t force it. If you’re not a vintage collector already, you’ll need a starting point, and this stool would be a great one.

The best way to make a space look organically collected is, you guessed it, to collect pieces organically over time.

Now that collecting a few more pieces of vintage décor is on your radar, just make a point of stopping into antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets when you pass them, looking for pieces that speak to you.

Right off the bat, I can think of three areas of your home that this chair could play nice in. Of course, your kitchen is number one. It’s a natural home for stools, given that many homes have an island or bar-height counter to saddle up to.

If introducing this stool into a modern kitchen, you may want to consider also adding some similar-styled lighting and/or artwork. Installing a few industrial pendants over the island is a sure-fire way to make this chair feel at home. A more budget-friendly solution would be to introduce some typographic elements, which are in keeping with the feel of the stool.

A chair like this would be a welcome addition to your home studio. I picture it tucked against a drafting table or worktop. Incorporating a few more worn, metal items into the space would make this stool feel as though it belongs. Any of these storage boxes could fit the bill.

Can’t you just imagine all of the other people who have perched atop this stool and let their creativity flow… Inspiring? Um, yes!

Hallways, nooks & alcoves are the most under-utilized spaces of most homes. They are the perfect little places to deliver a pop of personality via display. I love homes that are made up of small, unexpected vignettes. Enjoy this stool from a purely decorative standpoint and let it form the foundation for an awesome one.

Stack some books up on the seat, lean a piece of oversized artwork beside it on the floor and drape a handmade garland over the seat back and you’ve got yourself one visual burst of excitement in an otherwise boring hallway.

2 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Industrial Stool

  1. Ooh that chair looks fantastic!
    I think adding old pieces to a modern interior is a great idea. It makes a home much more like a home. It gives it personality.

    A little tip for newbie secondhand (or vintage) collectors..make a collage to inspire you as you collect. It helps you choose and keep your collection going in a direction that you love (industrial, floral, fifties, romantic, baroque). It also helps to see the end result when the ‘new old pieces’ are still a bit sporadic and might look out of place to you.

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