Thrifted Thoughts: Glass Front Cabinet

A few weeks ago, I talked about the difference between show-ers and stow-ers… Show-ers being those who like to see all of their “stuff” on display and stow-ers being those who like to keep their things neatly tucked away behind doors & drawers.

But, what if you’re somewhere in between?

A glass front cabinet is the storage solution for you!

This cabinet is so cute, compact & character-filled. It would be perfect in an entryway, living space, kitchen, or even in the bathroom to serve as extra storage.

Glass front cabinets feel much less heavy and chunky than solid door cabinets, but what if the stuff you want to store inside isn’t the prettiest (i.e. toilet paper in the bathroom)?

Emma Jeffs window films to the rescue!

Keep the glass front feeling light and airy, but cleverly disguise the contents within using a little bit of graphic, frosted, vinyl film.

There are seven patterns available through Modern Karibou, but I must say that this one is my absolute fave!

Aside from addressing the glass front portion of the cabinet, I would also replace the wood top as this one’s corners have broken off.

Lastly, I would strip off the existing glazed paint finish (which has seen better days) and re-stain the natural wood or repaint to match your décor.

How else would you use a product like Emma Jeffs’ around your home?

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